Hardship Time

Things To Do In The Times of Hardship

Hardship Time Life is not bed of roses; we have to face hardship time and certain calamities which are predestined in our fate. While passing through such trials of fate, naturally we get afflicted and swept away at the moment, in that time of weakness Satan tries to infuse its evil through fear and doubts […]

Mothers Day in Light Of Islam

Celebrating Mother’s Day in Light Of Islam

The Status of Mothers Day in Islam Islam has given mothers more rights than fathers. Allah has firmly ordered everyone to respect and obey mothers. While the 10th of May is celebrated as Mothers day across the world to reflect how they respect women and think that Islam oppresses women, many Muslims also blindly following this […]

Islamic Laws of Inheritance

The Islamic Laws of Inheritance

One of the most controversial topics in Islam or any other religion is Inheritance. Both Islamic and conventional laws are heavily debated and questioned. However, the Islamic laws of inheritance are specifically defined by Allah (SWT) in Quran. The Islamic Laws of inheritance are also based on the traditions and practices of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). […]