Life After Death In Islamic Perspective

Death Islamic Perspective

Death is inevitable. The only thing we are certain about in this life is death. We are born to die. Every soul shall taste the death regardless of their identity. This is confirmed many times in the Holy Quran:

Qurani Hayat

“Every Soul has to taste the death; and you’ll get your recompense in full only at the Day of Resurrection. Whoever is saved from the hellfire and directed to enter the paradise, will attained his goal. And the worldly life is nothing but goods of deception.” –Al e Imran. 3:185

Faith in life after death is one of the six primary and fundamental beliefs essential for a Muslim to complete his faith. The indescribable sentiment of crossing the boundary between this world and next cannot be depicted in words, nor envisioned in mind, except it can be understood only through divine revelation and motivation.  Let’s seek an understanding of this fact, death, the only sureness in life.

The Grave

The person who is dead has a conscious existence in the grave. It is believed by Muslims that after dying, a man goes into an intermediate phase of life amid death and resurrection. Numerous occasions occur in this new “world,” for example, the trial of the grave when everyone is inquired by angels about their Lord, Prophet, and religion. The grave is either a garden of paradise or a pit of hellfire.


Restoration will take place before the end of the world. Allah SWT will command a glorious angel to blow the horn. The first blowing will case all inhabitants of the heavens and earth to fall unconscious except for those spared by Allah SWT. The earth will be smoothed, the mountains will transform into dust, the sky will break, planets will be scattered, and the graves will be overturned. Humans will be revived into their physical bodies from their graves to enter the final phase of life. The horn will be blown again after that individuals will ascend from their graves, resurrected.

The Judgment Day

Judgment Day – Balances will be set to weigh the deeds of men. Exposure of the records of the deeds performed in this life will take place. The person who will get his record in his right hand will be amongst the successful. However, the person who will receive his record in left hand will be thrown into Hellfire. This individual would wish he were dead and will be full of regrets.

The bridge Sirat will be set up over Hell extending to Heaven. Those who remained steadfast on Allah’s religion in this life will find it easy to pass the bridge.

Paradise and Hell

Paradise and Hell will be last abodes for the faithful and the damned after the final judgment. They are real and eternal. Paradise is for those people who worshiped Allah alone, followed prophets and lived their lives according to teachings of scripture. Hell will be a final abode for those who denied Allah and worshiped others besides Him, rejected the prophets and lead unrepentant and sinful lives.

The bliss of the inhabitants of Paradise shall never cease while the punishment of the unbelievers sentenced to Hell shall never stop.

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