The Magnificent Masjid Nimrah

The Magnificent Masjid Nimrah

History of Masjid Nimrah: – Masjid Nimrah is located on the plains of Arafat in Makkah. There is a great historic significance of this mosque. It is the place where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) delivered his last sermon when he performed his last Hajj in 10 AH. 124,000 companions accompanied the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on Hajj.  […]

History of 10th of Muharram - Day of Ashura

History of 10th of Muharram

History of Muharram This is the first month of the Islamic calendar. As the name ‘haram’ suggests, it’s a sacred month of Muharram among others i.e. Rajab, Zil-qadh, and Zilhaj. The virtues of this sacred month have not only been celebrated by the Muslims, but also the followers of other major religions like Judaism and […]

Kaabah - The Heaven on Earth

Kaabah – The Heaven on Earth

Kaabah is a heaven on the Earth beyond any explanation. Not a single word can describe the experience and feelings that one goes through after seeing it. It is the most sacred and perfect site in Islam is also known as Bait Ullah. The House of Allah –this mere concept is enough for every believer […]

Signs of Allah SWT Forgiveness

Signs of Allah SWT Forgiveness

Every believer, no matter young or old, shall be accountable for their sins. With that being said, the mercy of ALLAH is unlimited. He sees and hears all things and not a matter bypasses but within HIS knowledge. Every believer human and to err is a part of human nature. To make a mistake and […]

The Month of Bountiful Rewards

Shaban – The Month of Bountiful Rewards

Each Islamic month holds its own importance, but there are two that have been decreed the most valuable and beneficial months: Ramadan and Shaban. The month of Shaban lies between Rajab and Ramadan. In this holy month, the smallest of good deeds are capable of earning the highest of rewards.  The most important aspect of […]

Is Mahram Required for Umrah

Is Mahram Required for Umrah?

Umrah is termed to be a great blessing for every Muslim. The spiritual and religious benefits are undoubtedly great. Muslims spend a lifetime preparing and saving for this wonderful and pious journey. The entire process is a very systematic one. There are a fixed series of steps and protocols to follow. And with complete obedience […]