Difference between Zakat and Sadaqah

Zakat and Sadaqah an essential piece of Human instinct is goodness. Many virtuous deeds like lending money to poor people or assisting a crippled individual lead to inner satisfaction. This kindness and compassion are a reason for the existence of humanity on earth; else no one would have survived if every one of them was cold blooded and spiteful. Islam strongly stresses on volunteering for good and being helpful to others.

Quran states:

Zakat and Sadaqah

Let’s discuss the different terms we counter while making donations and know the difference between them.


Zakat and Sadaqah is compulsory and obligatory alms taken out from the wealth of Muslims. It is the obligatory 2.5 % charity portion that has to be taken out on yearly basis from the total unused wealth that measure up to the described “Nisaab”.

This portion is intended for the Muslims who are poor, troubled and distressed. Allah SWT has made zakat a percentage of Muslim’s wealth after secured and covered living expenses, receivable to those who are weak and not left powerless before the strong.  As a matter of fact, if a Muslim possesses enough riches to pay zakat those funds are viewed as the property of the individuals who deserve to get it.


Allah the Almighty states in the Quran clearly that nobility can be achieved by giving unreservedly and freely of what you adore, in this case, riches, and luxury. Allah SWT provides divine consolation and encouragement to be magnanimous and charitable, creating it a path of spiritual enlightenment. It happens when one grants generously and liberally in a variety of ways other than what is obligatory.  Therefore sadaqah would be defined as the “nafali” charity that is done to please the Almighty SWT.

Difference between Zakat and Charity

  1. Real Purpose of  Zakat means favoring, blessings, increment, purity and refinement while charity Sadaqah means truthfulness and sincerity for Allah SWT.
  2. Zakat is an obligatory and the fourth pillar of Islam while Sadaqah is discretionary and optional or voluntary charity without time limits or bound of riches considered.
  3. Zakat and Sadaqah are both acts of worship while the first one is compulsory and the other is deliberate.
  4. There exist conditions on the payment of zakat sadaqah, however, no conditions on Sadaqah.
  5. Zakat must be distributed to the beneficiaries expressed in the Quran while Sadaqah is allowed to be disseminated to anyone who you think deserves.
  6. If zakat is not given, then one will be punished and rebuffed in hereafter being a fundamental pillar of Islam. Sadaqah is not compulsory, so it is not punishable.
  7. Zakat must be given after totaling the unused wealth for a year, while charity could be given anytime.
  8. Cleanses your wealth while sadqah prevents you from physical, spiritual and financial calamities.

Zakat and Sadaqah in the Quran

Sadaqah and Zakat are mentioned in the Quran as follows:

  1. Zakat is mentioned 32 times in the Quran while Sadaqah is mentioned four times.
  2. Refers to annual obligation and spiritual purity in the Quran and Sadaqah refers to expiation for head shaving in Ihram and feeding the poor.

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