fasting in ramadan

7 Reasons Why You Should Fast in Ramadan

Fasting in Ramadan Fasting is the third important pillar of Islam. During Umrah in Ramadan, it is an obligation to every adult and healthy Muslim men and women to fast from dawn to dusk. During fast, they are not allowed to eat, drink, get close to their spouses, and misbehave. In Western countries, we are […]

The Month of Bountiful Rewards

Shaban – The Month of Bountiful Rewards

Each Islamic month holds its own importance, but there are two that have been decreed the most valuable and beneficial months: Ramadan and Shaban. The month of Shaban lies between Rajab and Ramadan. In this holy month, the smallest of good deeds are capable of earning the highest of rewards.  The most important aspect of […]

Duties of A Wife Over Her Husband in Islam

Duties of A Wife Over Her Husband in Islam

Importance of Marriage in Islam: – Islam encourages Muslims to get married early in life. Allah has made the relationship between husband and wife as a very sacred one. Allah blesses people immensely when they get married with abundance in provisions. Ways to become a patient wife: – Husband and wife both have rights and […]

Difference between Zakat and Sadaqah in Mentioned Holy Quran

Difference between Zakat and Sadaqah

Zakat and Sadaqah an essential piece of Human instinct is goodness. Many virtuous deeds like lending money to poor people or assisting a crippled individual lead to inner satisfaction. This kindness and compassion are a reason for the existence of humanity on earth; else no one would have survived if every one of them was […]

Umrah Procedure

Umrah Procedure

Blessings of Umrah: – Umrah is the pilgrimage Muslims make around the house of Allah in the holy city of Makkah. This form of worship calls for physical, financial and spiritual commitment. This is why Allah loves those who perform Umrah. He welcomes his worshippers and rewards them with immense blessings and bounties. Umrah is […]