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Health Benefits Fasting

Health Benefits Fasting during month of Ramadan – It is the time of fasting, piousness, giving, self-training and sacrifice. Without a doubt, the essence of fasting is in this month is spiritual. However, Ramadan also offers various benefits to body and mind.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH stated, “Soomo wa tsahhoo” meaning “Fast and become Healthy” in a report by Abu Nuaim. Even science has proved that Ramadan is a month loaded with blessings. An International Congress on the topic “Health and Ramadan” was held in Casablanca in the year 1994 that covered 50 studies on the medical ethics of Ramadan. It noted a lot of improvements in health state of those who fast. The negative effects were seen only in those people who excessively ate at iftar and did not have a good sleep at night.

Here we will discuss some amazing health benefits fasting:

Promotes Weight Loss and Fat Breakdown

Calorie intake is decreased in Ramadan. Obviously, if you are loading yourself with a lot of fried food, then it is not going to happen. On the other hand, if you keep up with your typical diet plan, you are probably going to eat less food and lose weight. Especially in Ramadan when you are getting energy only from your body fat. Attempting to remain active amid day can also help in the more fat breakdown.

Goodbye to Addictions

Ramadan gives an excellent opportunity to ditch all forms and shapes of addictions. Since benefits Ramadan educates self-restraint for the most part of the day, you realize that doing without your addiction may not be as hard as you think it is. Pick one addiction to drop this Ramadan. It can be an addiction to lying, smoking, gossiping or even chocolate and say your farewells.

Stimulates Detoxification

Processed and canned food is loaded with additives which may become toxins in your body. Some of the toxins boost production of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products). The majority of these toxins are stored in fats, and these fats are burnt during fast.

Enhance Blood Fat Levels

It can be explained by our eating and workout habits in Ramadan. People tend o go towards healthier options such as nuts, lentils, dates, and home cooked meals. The saturated fat utilization typically found in fatty meat, fast food, lard, and butter are reduced during Ramadan. Moreover, the night prayers of Taraweeh provide a sufficient level of physical activity which is for some people more than their usual workout.

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