Ramadan The Month of Spirituality’ Where You Do Good Deeds

Ramadan and Spirituality

Spirituality happens when we human beings think of the meaning of our existence where reaching to one  point when worldly desires mean nothing. But there is a fine line between worldly desires meaning nothing and becoming a hobo.

Usually when we Muslims become spiritual to us it means may be earning money is an evil deed, marrying a woman and reproducing thinking Allah will feed the children – even Muhammad SAW worked hard and earned halal bread – marrying young women thinking this is a good deed contrariwise Muhammad married a forty year old woman at the age of 25. So what is spirituality and why do we only restrain it to the month of Ramadan.

Where You Do Good Deeds

Ramadan is often quite simply put ‘The month of spirituality’ where you do good deeds. In reality it is only linked to the month of Ramadan but spiritually and religiously it is the time when we Muslims practice to stay spiritual throughout the whole year.

Being spiritual is when you kill off all of the desires from within such as jealousy which happens when one desires to attain as much wealth as another rich person or being jealous of beauty or someone’s good grades, or a desire for befriending someone who doesn’t want to be friends, or the desire to become rich faster.

Special Ramadan Umrah Offers

Making money is not bad in fact the mindset that money is the root of all evil that destroys our society because then you have no food to feed on, no clothes to cover your body or no shelter. It is also the reason for child labour.

Do people become rich during Ramadan? No. But the rich donate to the poor more. This is spirituality, unfortunately it doesn’t happen every month because if it did then it could become a successful practice. Is spirituality a practice? It could be a result of the practice we Muslims engage in to be successful believers, spirituality is cognitive, it is the practice of minds rather than being the practice done with limbs. Hence it is the practice of conscience done consciously or subconsciously.

Women rights are the most debated and traded on matters of our country. Unfortunately the holy month of Ramadan isn’t spared from the tyranny. Because if there was spirituality being practiced young women would be able to walk without hearing, “she is ruining my fast”, a divorced woman wouldn’t be an embarrassment factor, a woman earning money wouldn’t be promiscuous or a woman not ready for marriage wouldn’t be modern. Women then would be humans.

Islam and Quran

So spirituality is empathy and not just about praying more or making big donations. Spirituality is what Islam and Quran coded and what Mohammed practiced. Spirituality cannot be bought or donated. Spirituality comes naturally instead of a calculated practice. Spirituality is learning to be comfortable with differences among human beings. At the end of the day This is the ability to find the silver lining as a result of that belief hidden deep inside the believers, the belief which has been the reason for the lands to take shape of countries and the reason for the countries to become powerful allies.


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