Relationship with the Quran

How to Improve Relationship with the Quran

Relationship with Quran

The Holy Quran is the book of ALLAH, sent down for the benefit of mankind through the beloved Holy Prophet PBUH in the form of revelations. It is a complete book, containing all aspects of life, and free from any errors.  The Holy Quran is a guide for those who believe and wish to earn the benefits of this world and the eternal hereafter. It is recommended for all believing Muslim men and women to recite the Book of Allah with contemplation and thorough explanation so as to gain insight.

ALLAH says, “This is a blessed book (the Quran) which we have revealed to you (Oh Muhammad PBUH), that they might reflect upon its verses and that those of understanding would be reminded.” It is the duty of all believing Muslims to improve their relationship with the book of ALLAH to attain the utmost rewards of the two worlds as well as strengthen their devotion to the Creator. Let’s take a glance at the ways Muslims can improve and strengthen their relationship with the Quran.

Begin one step at a time

Best time to read Holy Quran – For Muslims who have not touched the Quran or recite it very less, it is recommended that they begin to improve by reciting at least 5 minutes every day. This will slowly but surely bring them into the habit of reading. Gradually increase your duration and see how you feel. By the grace of ALLAH, those 5 minutes will turn into 10 then half an hour then an hour.

Start with a clear intention of a pure heart

To force yourself to read is of no use. Before beginning, ask yourself why you are reading and what are you reading. Purify your heart with the best of intentions and you will see ALLAH will definitely guide you on the straight path.

Always begin with wudhoo (ablution)

All believers must perform wudhoo or ablution when they begin to read the Quran. This will remind Muslims that they are touching the book of ALLAH and interacting with Him. It is a good mental and physical preparation as being clean should be top priority before touching the Holy book of ALLAH.

Don’t just read, understand

To read something for the sake of reading is of no value. The Holy Quran is published in Arabic. For those who do not read or understand Arabic should be encouraged to read with complete and thorough translation and explanation in a language that is comprehendible. Only then can they bear the enormous rewards of attaining piety and increased devotion for ALLAH.

Make Supplication to ALLAH (Du’aa)

Whenever believers intend to read the Quran, they should always make supplication (du’aa) to their Lord for attaining guidance and purifying their hearts so as the gain the utmost rewards and blessings for benefits of reading Quran. This will also help to increase their understanding and improve their concentration in the best manner.

The book of ALLAH is a guide for those who believe. It is the duty of all Muslims to attain this guidance and use it in their everyday lives so as to attain the utmost benefit.

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