The Month of Muharram Importance and Sacredness in Islam

Muharram Importance

Muharram Importance – As we know that every Islamic month comes with its own importance. Where Ramadan and Zul Hijjah hold exquisiteness due to sacredness and obligatory prayers offered and Eida in festivities, other months have also their own importance due to their historical significance. Month of Muharram is one of the special months of Islamic lunar calendar. It is the revealing month of the new Islamic year and hold connotation marked by various Ahadith and a verse of Holy Quran highlighting its sanctity.

The Repute Given to Muharram from Quran



Indeed, the number of months with Allah is twelve [lunar] months in the register of Allah [from] the day He created the heavens and the earth; of these, four are sacred. That is the correct religion, so do not wrong yourselves during them. And fight against the disbelievers collectively as they fight against you collectively. And know that Allah is with the righteous [who fear Him].

 Pertaining to the sacred months mentioned in this Quranic verse, Muharram importance is included in these four as narrated in multiple hadiths of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Thus, the sanctity and greatness of Muharram confirmed by this ayah cannot be denied or ignored. Allah has clearly stated that muslims shouldn’t wrong themselves in these sacred months. Therefore, refraining from all evils and wrongdoings is a must as the punishment could be substantially increased.

Fasting In Muharram

The sacred months has to be considered to do more good deeds and please Allah by extra prayers. Muharram has given greater privilege through fasting in this months. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ revealed in one of His hadiths,

“The best days for fasting after Ramadan are in the month of Muharram –Sahi Muslim”

This sacred narrative of Prophet ﷺ clears that after obligatory fasting of Ramadan, we can increase our rewards through voluntary fasting in Muharram. We can gather as much blessings and recompenses of Muharram through voluntary fasts as much as possible.

The Day of Ashoor

The tenth day of Muharram is marked as “Yom e Ashoor”. The day of Ashura has specified importance before the rise of Islam. We can understand this through the narration of Hazrat Abbas RA. As he stated,

The Allah’s Apostle ﷺ came to Madina and saw the Jews fasting on the day of Ashoor. He asked, ‘What is this?’ The Jews replied, ‘This is the day when Allah rescued the Bani Israeel from their enemies, so Prophet Moses fasted on this day.’ Prophet Muhammad ﷺ replied, ‘We bear more rights to Musa than you,’ therefore He ﷺ fasted that day and ordered the Muslims to fast too –Sahi Bukhari.

Pertaining to the blessings and rewards that come with fasting of Ashoora, Prophet ﷺ said in a hadith,

“This fast compensates for the (minor) sins of the past year” –Sahi Muslim.

The Important Incidents Month of Muharram

-Prophet Moses AS and people of Bani Israel were rescued from pharaoh.

-Hazrat Omar Bin Khattab was martyred on 1st Muharram due to the injury inflicted by Feroz abululu, a Zoroastrian slave who stabbed him during he was leading prayers in Masjid Nabbawi.

-Martyrdom of grandson of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Hazrat Hussain RZ.

End Note

So, putting the whole in a nutshell, the month of Muharram holds sacredness and blessings for us that can be retrieved through loads of prayers, fasting and good deeds and get rewards from the Almighty.

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