Who was Zulqarnain (AS) in Surah Kahf, & What Did He Do?

Who is Zulqarnain in Quran?

The importance of the Holy Quran is not limited to religious obligations or dealing with worldly affairs. It is a complete, error-free, and perfect book that sheds light on lessons through stories. A good Umrah travel company shares religious material that builds moral values. Zulqarnain (AS) in Surah Kahf is another interesting story in the Holy Quran. All three Abrahamic faith admit the reality of Zulqarnain the Great. Cyrus is the name of Zulqarnain in the Bible. Hazrat Zulqarnain (AS) in Surah Kahf is a very important part. 

Is Dhul Qarnayn a prophet?

Who is Dhul-Qarnayn? Is he a prophet, an angel, or a human being? Allah praises Hazrat Zulqarnain (AS) for his glorious character. He was a blessed servant of Allah who ruled with justice and peace. He was very benevolent towards his subjects. However, there is not any strong evidence to support the premise that he was a prophet. He was a righteous man whom Allah had blessed with immense power, wisdom, and divine bounties.

The Meaning Of Zulqarnain: –

Zulqarnain means the Owner of two horns. There are several possible explanations for this name. The story of Zulqarnain (AS) in Surah Kahf indicates that Allah blessed him with immense power that he ruled everywhere within East and West of the Earth. His kingdom stretched from Persia to Rome. Some historians assert that there were two projections arising from his head, either in the form of locks of hair that resembled horns or horns themselves.

Allah also bestowed him with power over light and darkness, making him the owner of two horns. Some historical accounts indicate that he lived for two epochs, hence coining the name Zulqarnain. After Hazrat Nuh’s floods, Allah chose Hazrat Zulqarnain and bestowed him with the kingdom in Northwest Africa for about two centuries until he was martyred. Then Allah gave him another life after a century. This time he was raised in the Eastern part of Earth.

The story of ZulQarnain from Surah Kahf: –

When Allah bestowed Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with the responsibility to complete the religion Islam, he gave him immense knowledge about both the past and future. Not only did it help him guide his followers better, but it also allowed him to establish the authority of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as Allah’s messenger. One of these accounts from the past is that of Hazrat Zulqarnain (AS) in Surah Kahf. Surah Kahf sheds light on the story of Dhul-Qarnain and Yajooj and Majooj. There is ample material on Hazrat Zulqarnain’s history in English for better understanding. 

Allah mentions Zulqarnain (AS) in Surah Kahf as a righteous ruler who shall attain great rewards. He had immense wisdom to distinguish between right and wrong. Allah made it possible for him to travel from East to West in a single day, depicting the might Allah bestowed upon him. Consequently, all the people believed in Allah’s might wherever he went. 

When he came towards the East, he reached a desolate place between two huge walls. Scholars suggest that this place lies in the mountains of present-day Armenia and Azerbaijan. The native people told Hazrat Zulqarnain that Yajooj Majooj live between the two mountains. They come out every day and create havoc in the lands.

They destroy all the crops, and the lands, and kill the people. As they come out of their barricades, they devour everything in sight. People plead to Hazrat Zulqarnain to protect them from the wrath of Yajooj Majooj. Allah further narrates the story of Hazrat Zulqarnain (AS) in Surah Kahf that he rescued the people from the mischief of these creatures. He ordered the people to collect tonnes of iron.

People mined tirelessly for iron ingots and created iron bricks out of them. He also mixed molten brass with iron. Then he ordered the construction of a mighty iron wall. The wall was strong enough to hold back the mischievous creatures. The people offered gratitude to Hazrat Zulqarnain for saving them from such a big calamity.

People at that time did not know how to construct houses, let alone an iron wall. It was a highly advanced construction at that time. This shows how capable and knowledgeable Hazrat Zulqarnain (AS) was. Hazrat Zulqarnain (AS) in Surah Kahf is a lesson for the believers that those who follow Allah’s path earn rewards in this world and the hereafter.


Surah Kahf is a very important surah of the Quran because as Muhammad P.B.U.H said Must read surah kahf because it will save you in the period of dajjal. Zulqarnain story is the one part of this surah two more stories are also mentioned in this surah. You must have to read this surah with translation for a better understanding.