Utilization of Halal over Haram Food

ALLAH has provided clear guidelines on what is permissible (halal) and what is forbidden (haram) that can be consumed. The Islamic law has taught the Muslims all the permissible manners and behavior of eating. With the most basic human acts like drinking and eating a Muslim remembers the rewards of ALLAH and by practicing the rules of Islamic laws; he also shows his dedication towards religion.

O People eat from the land what is permitted and good and do not follow the footsteps of Iblees, for he is an open opponent to you.” –Surah Al-Baqrah; 2:168

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The Prohibition of Haram Is Due to Their Impurity and Harmfulness

ALLAH makes things halal and haram for a reason, He has neither permitted anything except what is pure nor has He prohibited anything except what is impure. So using halal food prevents Muslims from many diseases and impurities that may turn out to be the harmful for the body.

by mooglet
by mooglet

They ask thee what is lawful to them (as food). Say: Whatever is good is allowed to you. (5:4)

He also says: Today whatever is good is made allowed to you. (5:5)


Halal Is Sufficient and Haram Is Insufficient

Islam has prohibited only such things that are unnecessary and dispersible, while providing substitutes which are better and which give greater ease and relief to human beings.

He has forbidden fornication and adultery but has encouraged lawful marriage. He has prohibited alcoholic drinks in order that they may enjoy other delicious drinks which are healthy for the body and mind. And He has prohibited impure food but provides alternative healthy food. (Rawdah Al-Muhibbeen, Page 10, and A’alam Al-Muwaqq’in, Vol. 2, Page 111.)


Whatever Is Encouraging to the Haram Is Itself Haram

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by Dusty J

Another beautiful Islamic value is that if something is forbidden, anything which leads to it is forbidden too. By this means Islam wants to block all the roads leading to what is haram. A similar principle is that the sin of the haram is not limited only to the person who involves in it but spreads to others who have supported him in this. For example, in the case of alcoholic drinks, the Prophet (PBUH) cursed not only the one who drinks them but also the one who manufactures them, the one who carry them, the one to whom they are carried, the one to whom the money of them is paid.

Doubtful Things has to be Avoided

There is a gray area between the obviously halal and the obviously haram. This is the area of what is doubtful. Some people may not be able to choose whether a particular food is allowed or prohibited. Between the two there are doubtful matters regarding which people do not know whether they are halal or haram. For instance fish is the only halal living organism from sea water but many people use to eat prawns, lobsters, octopus which are doubtful and should be avoided.

He has told you what He has made haram / prohibited for you” (6:119)


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