History of Muslims

History of Muslims in Makkah, Saudi Arabia

What is Mecca in Islam?

Makkah is the holiest place on Earth for Muslims. Every year, millions of Muslims travel to Makkah to perform Umrah in Saudi Arabia around the Holy Kabah. The history of Muslims and Mecca go hand in hand.

History of Mecca before Islam: –

Makkah’s history dates way back to before the advent of Islam. When Allah commanded Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) to leave his wife, Hazrat Hajra, and infant son, Ismail (AS) from Syria to Makkah, that marked the foundation of the holy city. Bewildered by the idea of being alone in a deserted valley, Hazrat Hajra questioned Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) about his conduct. When he replied that it was the will of Allah, she did not hesitate. Allah blessed her steadfastness in faith with ZamZam well. This led to the foundation of the history of Muslims in the world as after that, people traveled from nearby areas and settled in Makkah. The Jurhum tribe was amongst the earliest tribes to settle in Makkah. Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) used to travel to Makkah to check on his wife and son. Allah commanded Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) to build Holy Kabah. It was the first mosque in the history of Muslims. While Hazrat Ibrahim and Hazrat Ismail were constructing the House of Allah, they prayed to Him to bless the holy city with an abundance of blessings. Allah answered their prayers and made Makkah the most blessed city in the world. 

For a very long time as the offspring of Hazrat Ismail continued to grow, there was peace and harmony in the region. This was until the advent of the Khuzaah tribe, who took over the custody of Holy Kabah. Their chief, Amr bin Luhai was a well-respected businessman of his time. However, he introduced idol worshipping in Makkah and placed them around the Holy Kabah.

People of Makkah increased the number of idols in Makkah, reaching three hundred and sixty. Tribal wars led to chaos and mayhem in the city. Qusay bin-Kilab, a Quraish leader and forefather of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) took over the control of Kabah from the Khuzaah tribe and restored peace in the city. This was an important development in the history of Muslims, as it gave authority to the Quraish tribe to become the custodians of Makkah.

When was Kaaba built in Mecca?

Kabah has been built many times in the history of Muslims. It was first built by Hazrat Ibrahim and Hazrat Ismail (AS). It was an unroofed rectangular structure built to worship Allah. 

The second major construction of Kabah took place in 608 before the advent of Islam, by the Quraish of Makkah. This time, they used wood and masonry blocks to build the holy shrine.

In 630, when the biggest conquest in the history of Muslims took place, the conquest of Makkah, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) cleansed the holy shrine out of every idol. That marked the new identity of Kabah as the place of Allah’s worship. 

After that, renovations and improvements to the structure of the Holy Mosque have been done several times during the reign of different caliphs. Today, the government of Saudi Arabia as the custodian of the Holy Kabah takes every measure to maintain the sanctity of the House of Allah.

Why is Mecca important to Muslims?

Makkah is the most important city in the history of Muslims. The first reason is that the Holy Kabah is located in Makkah. It is the most sacred place on Earth. 

The second reason is that this city is the place of birth of our last prophet, Muhammad (PBUH). It is Mecca where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received his first revelation, and Islam came into being. It is the most blessed and distinguished city in this world and will maintain its exalted status till the Day of Judgement.

Where is Mecca located?

The city from where the history of Muslims sprang, is in the western part of Saudi Arabia. Nestled in the Sirat Mountains, it is a small valley, about 70km inland from Jeddah on the Red Sea. 

Why is Madina important to Islam?

While Makkah is the fountainhead of Islam, Madinah is the beacon of Islam. The spread of Islam took place in Madinah, the city of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). When the People of Makkah plotted against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), he migrated to Madinah, upon Allah’s command. The city welcomed him wholeheartedly. He created Masjid-e-Nabvi upon reaching Madinah. Even today it stands as one of the three most sacred mosques in the world.