Gender Equality in Islam

Gender Equality in Islam

Gender Equality The content of Quran Hakim depicts the context of Islam and its teachings. The role of Sunnah is explaining and defining the meaning of its Quranic text. We get to know from both these sources that Allah SWT has created men and women so that they get tranquility, bliss, and joy in the […]

Hujjaj visit during Hajj

4 Places the Hujjaj visit during Hajj

Hujjaj Visit During Hajj Hujjaj – Hajj is a process of refurbishment of mind and purification of the soul. When pilgrims come back from the memorable journey of their lives, they talk about it with their family and friends. In their converse, they mention the bunch of sites, place, rituals and events that are new […]

Memorable Umrah Trip

Tips to make your Umrah Trip Memorable

Memorable Umrah Trip The word Umrah is of Arabic origin, with the literal meaning “to pay a visit to a populous place.” Regarding Islamic terminology, Umrah Trip is a non-obligatory act of servitude in which a Muslim visits Makkah at any time throughout the year for the love of their sole creator Allah SWT. Millions […]

4 Strong Spiritual Aspects of Umrah

4 Strong Spiritual Aspects of Umrah

Strong Spiritual Aspects of Umrah The Umrah Aspects haul believers out of their surroundings and put them among new environment; it likewise gives them an alternate pace, set apart by both pacifying and frantic rituals. It allures Muslims to go on a voyage like no other, with the terminus the Kaabah- the focal point of […]

Umrah and Hajj Services in Texas

Hajj and Umrah Services in Texas

A significant number of Muslims have their abode in Texas. According to a population report of 2012 Texas holds the largest Muslim population in the southern USA. Houston has estimated the population of around 60,000 Muslims in 2000. Some of the great Islamic centers and religious hubs are present in this city. More than 41 […]