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History of the Four Imams of Islam

Four Imams of Islam History of four Imams of Islam – The Imam is an Arabic word which means ‘to stand in front of’. It is usually taken in terms of leadership. There is a different understanding of the concept of Imam in different Islamic groups. However, the majority of the Muslims see Imam as […]

Amazing Rewards of Performing Umrah

Amazing Rewards of Performing Umrah

Performing Umrah and Its Amazing Rewards Performing Umrah is one of the most delightful rituals for our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. This is the act of worship that is being done by millions of Muslims. Throughout the year Muslims from all over the world comes to visit Makkah, Saudi Arabia and perform Umrah. Anybody who […]

Reality of Dream in Islam

Reality of Dreams in Islam

Dream in Islam Purpose of Life in Islam – Not all the people believe in dream and the true importance of dreams, simply because they are unseen and in our unconscious. On the other hand, there are people who firmly believe in dreams and work their lives according to the dreams that they see. This […]

Mixed Marriage Muslim - Marrying Someone With a Varied Background

Mix Marriage

Mix Marriage Marriage is a means of obeying Allah ﷻ by attempting to set up a family upon the Sunnah. It is one of the most imperative verdicts in one’s life. This relationship is a way of finding serenity in the heartfelt relation to another soul. This association is a reciprocated expedition towards a much […]

Arafah - The Day of Mercy

Arafah – The Day of Mercy

Arafah Allah the Almighty has favored some months to others, some days to others and some nights to others. He ﷻ has chosen particular times in years to be seasons of worship and virtuous deeds. In the blessed moments of these days, the reward for righteous deeds is increased and sins are excused. One of […]