Salaat – An Obligation and a Healing Resource

Salaat an Obligation The worldly life is just like a roller coaster ride. Everyone is occupied with its substantial aspects including work, family, education, status, and achieving goals etc. while we strive and try to win this never-ending marathon, we have to tackle problems like anxieties and worries. Furthermore, we surely need a backup to […]

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Top 20 Quotes of Piety and Steadfastness

Quotes on Piety   “When an offer of marriage is received from a person who is piety and having good character then accepts the proposal. If you don’t do so, there will be corruption (fasad) and dissonance (fitnah) will spread.” Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) as reported in Tirmizi   “Do not show the face of Islam […]

Is Halal Dating Actually Halal?

Here is a thought, calling something Halal that should not even exist in the religion of Islam. We Muslims have caused this drastic change in the religion of Islam that along with having numerous factions fighting and killing each other there is dichotomy of taking extremism to great lengths and taking modernity to great lengths, […]