5 Best Times of the Year to Go for Umrah

Best Times For Umrah

Umrah is a greatest Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. It is the religious act that Muslims can perform anytime or best times in a year without any time restrictions. It is one sacred form of worship that every Muslim wishes to perform at least once in their life time. However, if you want to go on this holy expedition, you cannot just turn up and do it. Umrah requires full preparation, accommodation and perfect planning. So what is the best time to go for Umrah?

Month of Ramadan

When it comes to rewarding, then performing Umrah in the month of Ramadan hold the greatest reward. Ibn Abbas narrated that the Prophet of Allah, Muhammad PBUH said:

“Perform Umrah in the month of Ramadan, as its (reward) is parallel to having a hajj performed with me.” –Bukhari

That is why Muslims wish to perform Umrah in Ramadan and rush to book hotels in Makkah and Madinah. Many travel agencies come up with special offers in this month to attract customers ranging from budget friendly to luxury five-star Ramadan Umrah packages.

Grand Months

Umrah is not about packing, traveling, visiting and returning to home rather it requires absolute focus and devotion to Allah SWT. Therefore, people chose the Grand months to perform Umrah with its true spirits. These are the months that come right after Hajj season ends; Muharram and Safar. This is the best time of the year to perform Umrah as the rush of people cut’s down to half and prices for hotels and accommodations get reasonable. Pilgrims can have hustle free and relaxed time to perform rituals of Umrah correctly.

Mid-Year Vacation

Some prefer to perform Umrah with their family. Individuals are busy in their studies or jobs whole year except for mid-year vacation. If you want to go on this holy expedition with family or friends, then choose mid-year and book your tickets in the start of the year as many people wish to avail these vacations to go on Umrah trip.

Spring Time

The weather is extreme in Saudi Arabia, where days are scorching hot and nights are biting cold. For this reason, some prefer to travel in the mild weather that comes with the spring season. This is the best time to perform Umrah rituals and rights with ease.


When you want an Umrah trip with family in the best weather of best times the year, then go for December packages. The Weather in December is reasonable enough to perform all Umrah services without any difficulty and collapse. As Hajj and Ramadan season is over the place is free of the oceans of travelers and overcrowded conditions. You can easily get a residence close to Al Haram and enjoy reasonable prices for hotels and accommodations.

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