Key Factors of a Perfect Muslim

Islam is a complete guideline for life. It emphasizes on doing good deeds for obliging Allah and His Apostles. This is why at many places Holy Quran speaks of the true believers as “Those who believe and do good deeds”. As believers of Allah, we should always want to adorn in our ranks in front of Allah and His Apostle Muhammad PBUH. The question is how we achieve the highest rank of piousness and become the perfect Muslim. Here is a list of all those qualities a Muslim must try to acquire and incorporate in his personality, these are the key factors of a perfect Muslim described in Holy Quran and by the Holy Prophet PBUH.

Truthful and Sincere

Image By Bill Strain
Image By Bill Strain

A perfect Muslim always speaks the truth and stays away from lies. He is a man of his word and shows his reliability in his actions and sayings. He knows that the tongue he used to say Shahadah and reciting Quranmust be prevented from all evil and falsehood in respect of the sacred wordings. This is ordered in Quran, “O you, who believe, keep your obligation to Allah and speak clear, true words” -33:70 The perfect Muslim recipe needs complete truthfulness in order to maintain the credibility. It is the first step of a believer towards the piousness. In Quran, Allah SWT says, “Be sustainer of justice and hold true witness for Allah, even the truth goes against your own selves, or parents, or relatives, or poor or rich” -4:13 Being truthful is the first quality which leads a believer towards sincerity, a true Muslim never cheats anyone or works to deceive from his hand or tongue. He never intends to harm anyone by being two-faced. Doing good just  to show people reveals  that man is a hypocrite, a true Muslim can never be a hypocrite. His deeds are purely to serve Allah.  As it is said in Quran, “Serve Allah, be sincere to Him in compliance” -39:2 “Do not favor in sake of gain” -74:6 At one point, Allah SWT says in Quran, “It is most vile in the sight of Allah that you say things which you do not do” -61:3

Generous and Humble

Image By Belal Khan

This quality can  easily be observed in Allah’s Apostle Muhammad PBUH who himself was the most generous and humble man on earth. When the whole world was against him, even desperate enough to kill him, He PBUH forgave all, kept no grudges and faced the world full of hate with a humble smile. As Quran told us, Allah loves those who love His men. We should be unselfish in all aspects of life and show humility even if we are on the right path. As Allah ordered in Quran, “You cannot achieve righteousness unless you expend (in charity) out of those things which you love” -3:91

Show Patience and Mercy

Image by Bengin Ahmad
Image by Bengin Ahmad

A perfect Muslim receives third level of righteousness when he stays patient on the most impairing events of life. With every rising step, a believer is tested to endow with the qualities required for piousness. So there must be dire tests in the path of righteousness that has to be crossed with the stunning patience awarded by Allah SWT. A perfect Muslim must show complete patience in times of gloom and have mercy on others as well. Other than the time of despair, patience is required when you are hurt by someone, in such times a perfect Muslim must show true patience and keep himself away from taking revenge and forgive his enemy. “Forgive (people), and overlook (their faults). Don’t you love that Allah should forgive you?” -24:22



The quality of cleanliness is the most favorite in Islam. Allah loves those he keep themselves clean, not only does this mean  the appearance but also the purity of mind and soul. Keeping a clean heart that is pure from any grudges, a clean tongue that is not abusive, and a clean mind that is free from any deceitful thoughts is the final recipe ingredient of a perfect Muslim. As Allah SWT said in Quran, “He is amongst successful who purifies himself (in mind and body), and remembers the Creator, then prays” -87: 14-15.

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