Ways Islam Helps Marriage

Ways Islam Helps Marriage

Islam Helps Marriage In Islam helps marriage comes with lots of rewards and happiness, not in this life but also in here after. Many people claim that it is just because of Islam their marriage has survived in this challenging world. Islam helps in many ways during the marriage. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH is […]

Ramadan and Spirituality

Spirituality happens when we human beings think of the meaning of our existence where reaching to one  point when worldly desires mean nothing. But there is a fine line between worldly desires meaning nothing and becoming a hobo. Usually when we Muslims become spiritual to us it means may be earning money is an evil […]

A Muslim Women and Modern Society

A Muslim Woman and Modern Society

With the advent of Islam, things began to change all around the world in general and in Arabia, particularly about the rights and privileges of Muslim women. Islam recognized women as an equal member of society and gave them their due regard and respect. They were assigned roles related to their stature and found their […]

Zakat Sadaqah

Difference between Zakat and Sadaqah

Zakat Sadaqah an essential piece of Human instinct is goodness. Many virtuous deeds like lending money to poor people or assisting a crippled individual lead to inner satisfaction. This kindness and compassion are a reason for the existence of humanity on earth; else no one would have survived if every one of them was cold […]

Namaz Guide for Women

Namaz Guide for Women

Women Namaz – In Qur’an, Allah SWT has clearly stated the purpose of Human creation, “I haven’t created Jinn and Humankind for any other reason except that they should worship Me.” -51:56 The above verse states the purpose of human being’s life. It is the 2nd pillar of Islam and one of the most significant […]

Daily Supplications To Safeguard Us From Satan

Daily Supplications To Safeguard Us From Satan

Who is Satan Ibelees (Satan) –the biggest enemy of mankind was once among st the angels of ALLAH before he disobeyed Him. When ALLAH created Adam (A.S) and ordered all the angels to prostrate before Adam (A.S). All the angels respectfully prostrated before Adam (A.S) except Ibelees who proudly rejected to do so. This was […]

Hajj Visa Policy for Muslims in the USA

Hajj Visa Policy for Muslims USA

Hajj Visa Policy From all over the world Hajj Visa Policy, Muslims flock to the nucleus, the center of Ummah Holy Kaabah every year during the month of Zilhijjah on the spiritual expedition called Hajj. It is an act of worship, means of expiation of sins and the fifth pillar of Islam. Hajj is a […]

masjid nabawi

History of the Four Imams of Islam

The Imam is an Arabic word which means ‘to stand in front of’. It is usually taken in terms of leadership. There is a different understanding of the concept of Imam in different Islamic groups. However, the majority of the Muslims see Imam as an appointment of Muslim leadership. An Imam may lead; a prayer […]