Benefits of Eating Dates

Eating Dates and It’s Benefits

Ramadan is right around the corner and the specific blessed aura of welcoming the holy month of Ramadan can be seen in every Muslim ethnicity. People are busy in food shopping, specially eating dates and every market is packed with stalls of sweet, juicy dates.

Eating Dates in Ramadan

Dates hold a specific place in Muslim cuisine as It is the priority food for breaking the fast and why not! it is the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

As narrated by Ahmad; “Break your fast with dates as they are purifying”.

A Healthy and Nutritious Fruit

Dates are packed with healthy nutrients. It is famous for being an instant energy booster. It is a natural source of taking multivitamins without any side effects. Per 100 gm of dates contain,

  • 10 IU of vitamins.
  • 2 mg of sodium.
  • 75 gm of total carbohydrates.
  • 02 mg of iron.
  • 63 gm of sugars.
  • 2 gm of proteins.
  • 4 mg of vitamin C.
  • 05 mg of vitamin E, Thiamine.
  • 8 gm of dietary fibres.
  • 7 mg of vitamin K.
  • 06 mg of riboflavin.
  • 27 mg of niacin.
  • 39 mg of calcium.

Health Benefits Eating It

  • Helps maintain Healthy Gut

Dates prepare the stomach to receive the food to a stomach and also active the stomach secretions. They are also very helpful in curing diarrhoea as they are easily digestible in our body and protect us from constipation as it is digested easily and also in a fasting person. It has more actual effect if we use it as soaked in the morning. It protect us from intestinal disorders because of presence of nicotinic content in it and help in growth of friendly bacteria.

  • Boosts vitality of Organs

Eating dates help maintaining our heart healthy, reduce stroke risk and lower LDL (lower dietary lipoproteins). They are reported to be useful in curing many types of diseases like respiratory, heart, anaemia, cancer, and allergies.

  • Maintains Sugar levels

Dates are very rich in sugars so they also maintain sugar level of the body.

  • In pregnancy

It is also very helpful in pregnancy to make the muscles of womb stronger mainly in last month which makes delivery easier.

  • Removal of acidity in blood

There are number of salts in dates which are alkaline in nature. So, these are helpful to adjust the acidity of blood due to excessive eating of spices and acidic foods.

  • Weight Gain

If dates are used with cucumber paste, it will gain weight and problem of over-slimming will reduced.

  • Prevents Intoxication

Eating it, is also excellent for alcoholic intoxication.

  • Boost immunity and Energy

Due to calcium presence it has, it makes bone and immunity stronger.It also give us energy and helps in boosting energy.

Having Dates in Ramadan

Use of one date in suhoor prevents us from hunger and thirst feeling and we look fresh whole day with fast while use of eating dates in Iftar gives us an instant boost of energy without feeling heavy. For more healthier options, you can use dates in form of milk shakes in suhoor to stay energized during fasting in long summer hours and in iftar, just eat it with a glass of water (The perfectly sunnah way!).

End Note

To put in a nutshell, It is very essential for our daily life and we should eat one date daily as it has a list of benefits in which one of the important benefits is that it cures many types of diseases which are incurable like stroke and malignancy (cancer). Allah says in Surah Ar Rehman, ayah 11;

Surah Ar Rehman, ayah 11

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