The 5 Pleasures of Paradise in Brief

Pleasure of Paradise

The belief of every Muslim individual revolves around the ideology of life after death. That means the current life they are living is temporary and after they die, they will again be raised on the Day of Judgment. Those who have managed to please their Lord ALLAH SWT with a life full of good deeds shall be given the honor and pleasures of entering paradise.

It is mentioned in the Holy Quran: “those who believe and do good deeds, We will admit them to gardens of Paradise in which rivers flow, lasting in them forever… (Quran 4:57)

It has been mentioned that the reality of Paradise shall never be understood by man until he or she enters it. But what are the pleasures of paradise? To help give you a clearer understanding, we have gathered some information regarding the ultimate reward any Muslim believer can ever gain.

pleasures of entering paradise

 Absence of pain and oppression

A lot of the world we live in today is full of a number of delights alongside pain, suffering and turmoil. There are numerous challenges and obstacles present along the journey we call life.

The Hereafter will be free from such suffering and darkness. Believers shall be given ease from hardships, comfort and happiness every step of the way.

Abundance of wealth

Many of us today live life seeking the utmost bounty from the Lord ALLAH. Be it in the form of money or prized possessions, the world has turned into a race against time to gain wealth. Some of us forget that while running after temporary wealth, they forget about the life in the Hereafter and the unlimited supply of wealth it possesses.

Every inhabitant of paradise shall be bestowed with all the wealth they could possibly imagine. This includes food, drink, comfort and luxury of the finest form.

Freedom from all impurities

Inhabitants of paradise can live with the greatest form of purity as they will be free from the world’s greatest impure actions including spiting, urination, defecation etc. The will also have the freedom from being intoxicated after drinking wine. From food and drink to house and possessions, everything shall be fresh, pure and arise from the highest degree of cleanliness.

Immunity from disease and death

ideology of life after death

The world today is stricken with disease and discomfort. Many live a life bed ridden, immobile and inflicted with pain and suffering. Paradise shall be free from disease and death. It is eternal and the pleasures of paradise shall last forever.

Beautiful social relationships

Paradise shall be free from any form of hardship, evil, rifts and disagreements. Every believer will be able to see, hear and feel comfort and peace at all times. No one will be inflicted with physical, emotional or spiritual harm at any given second.

That is the beauty of paradise. It is a world like no other. Every believer who follows the straight path and performs good deeds shall benefit from its everlasting pleasures.

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