Ways Islam Helps Marriage

Islam Helps Marriage

In Islam helps marriage comes with lots of rewards and happiness, not in this life but also in here after. Many people claim that it is just because of Islam their marriage has survived in this challenging world. Islam helps in many ways during the marriage. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH is the best husband, and his life is the ultimate guide for every Muslim couple.

We will discuss a few ways that Islam helps marriage of every Muslim.

Islam Help Marriage

Jannah is the Ultimate Goal

Whether you are a married couple, brother, sister, mother or father Jannah must be the ultimate goal. The intention for every action must be to attain the next world rather than this. The running after money and worldly things dies with the concept of akhirah which is the leading cause of any terrible married relationship. Islam taught us to live simple. Happiness can never be attained by running after money rather practicing Islam and becoming righteous is what gives the peace and tranquility. This makes muslim marriage focus on the important notion that is worshipping Allah Almighty. In Surah, An Nahl verse 96 Allah SWT states:

What is with you will be exhausted and what is with Allah is to remain forever. And certainly We shall give to those, who are patient that reward befitting to their best work.

Status of Righteous Spouse

Status of being a good husband or wife in Islam is greatest rewards wise. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH stated about a pious wife.

“The world is an endowment and the best provision in the world is a righteous woman.” –Sahih Muslim 1467

Similarly, righteous husbands are also rewarded highest in this world and hereafter.

“The believers who are perfect in faith are those who hold the best characters; and the best amongst you are those who are the compassionate to their wives and families.” –Tirmidhi

This shows Islam highly praises the good husband and wife. So both need to work together to perfect them in every walk of life.

Be Thankful

In the Book of Allah-Quran, we read the importance of being patient in almost every chapter. Allah SWT loves patient Muslims and promise a greater gift on the Last Day for those who remain thankful in every situation. In Surah Al Baqarah Allah SWT says;

“Therefore remember Me. I will remember you. Be gratful to Me and never show me ingratitude.” (Al Baqarah, 2:152)

That is why a wife must always focus on the positive traits of her husband and express their gratitude towards them. Husbands are also ordered to be optimistic when it comes to their wives and be grateful to Allah SWT. This helps in making the bond of husband and wife happier and strong.

The successful married life comes with an understanding level between the husband and wife. Both are required to work for this relationship and perform their responsibilities in the best way possible. Spend time with your family, help your spouse and love your children to make this heavenly relationship stronger.

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