Things To Do In The Times of Hardship

Hardship Time

Life is not bed of roses; we have to face hardship time and certain calamities which are predestined in our fate. While passing through such trials of fate, naturally we get afflicted and swept away at the moment, in that time of weakness Satan tries to infuse its evil through fear and doubts in our minds. These weak moments are the real test of our faith. Walking away from the challenges of life or giving up during a calamity is easy, even some try to take the load off through blaming others. On the whole, we may find ourselves helpless, lost, depressed and unable to move ahead. “Why me?” is the big question asked by most of the people who get under a sudden affliction of hardship. A believing and practicing Muslim never thinks or act in such a way. In such hard situations, they rise above all the bad feelings and depression and think about the calamity from the perspective of Hereafter. They get lighten up with the believe that this life means nothing and actual life is the hereafter, they compare their situations with the lives of prophets and the teachings Allah gave in Quran for such situations and keep themselves high on patience. A misunderstood phenomenon undermines the people that doing good in life benefit us in this life by preventing us from hardship time, well this is not what always happens. This life is not fulfilled to reward for every deed because, in case of such understanding the Day of Judgment wouldn’t be needed. Here are 5 to-do things that have to be considered in times of hardships and whenever you find such situation.

1. Trust in Allah

When all doors are seem to be closed, you must not let the feeling of vulnerability overcome you, as there is someone who always look after you, waiting for you to come back to Him, His love for you is more than a sum of 70 times your mother could have loved you. You have to belief in Allah so that you will be not forsaken. You have trust Him in all matters of life in order to get closer with him and find more peace within you.  Allah SWT want us to be steady in all aspects of life, He informed in Quran; “You may not grieve at the things that you fail to get, nor rejoice (too much) over which that has been given to you, And Allah SWT don’t like arrogant braggers.” – Surah AL-Hadid: 23

2. Reinforce your Bond with Almighty

So when you get knocked out by life, lie down in Sajud and pray your Salah in time. Get back to Allah by praying with more sincerity, share all your feelings and miseries by putting your heart out in front of the Almighty. Salah not only gives you strength in belief but also acts as a therapy which releases the depression within. In Surah Aal-e-Imran, Allah declared; “If Allah decides to help, none can triumph over you, and Allah forsakes you, who is there that can help you, and so in Allah alone believers must put their trust.” (Quran; AAl-e-Imran: 160)

3. Recite Quran for Real Guidance

In times of gloom, we are in desperate need of someone who can guide us to the light that can lead us out of the calamity safe and sound. Let Quran be your guide then. See what Allah SWT wants from you and take these guidelines out in practice. The Holy Quran brings us the messages of Allah, a person in calamity surely find consolation while reading it. It enlightens our mind, body and soul at the same time.

4. Strengthen your Faith

A strong and firm belief keeps you focused that ultimately to Allah is our real destiny and to Him solely we belong. All the powers of this universe belong to Him. Your calamity is also under Allah’s observation; He Alone knows what is best for us. Reminding this universal fact soothes the moments of affliction and helps in overcoming the pain and endows hope within you.

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5. Patience is the Key

Staying patient is the best strategy during hard times. Patience prevents us from being depressed. In such times remembrance of Allah more often than usual is the key to solace. Allah’s Apostle Hazrat Ayub A.S is a true example where he kept his patience up in all the hard times and then rewarded back the blessings on which he kept his patience high. Allah SWT notifies us in Holy Quran; “None of the catastrophe befalls on the Earth or in yourselves but that which is engraved in the Book of Decree (Al-Lu ah Al-Mehfuz) before it We bring it into subsistence. Verily it is easy for Allah.” (Al-Hadid: 22) In the end, it is advised to keep a positive routine during hardship time, keep yourself up and busy in good deeds or in remembrance of Allah the Most Beneficial, the time will surely passes out leaving you closer to your Protector.


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