Celebrating Mother’s Day in Light Of Islam

The Status of Mothers Day in Islam

Islam has given mothers more rights than fathers. Allah has firmly ordered everyone to respect and obey mothers. While the 10th of May is celebrated as Mothers day across the world to reflect how they respect women and think that Islam oppresses women, many Muslims also blindly following this west originated festivity. To evaluate how Muslims treat their mothers, first we have to go through the teachings of Islam to assess this notion.

Islam has the raised the status of women to the highest level and gave them rights that are not less than equal to men. Mother has the highest standard in Islam. Allah SWT says in Quran;

“And I have instructed upon man, to his parents, good treatment. As His mother carried him with hardship and suffered to give him birth, and his gestation and weaning (period) is thirty months until. [Al-Quran 46:15]

Parents and specifically mothers have the highest status in Islam. They are held in the highest esteem in Islamic belief. A number of Quranic verses and Ahadith have emphasized Muslims to respect mothers who bear all the difficulties and hardships for which one can never pay them back. Here we will focus on the significance of mothers in Islam.

In Quran Allah (SWT) has elaborated the difficulties a mother bears during pregnancy, giving birth, feeding and then taking care of her baby until he grows into a strong man/woman. Allah mentioned to respect parents in Quran at so many places but pointed to signify the mother in a deep detail as she faces more challenges in upbringing a child than a father.

In Islam, every holiday or celebration that has not any authenticity according to Shariah rules is an innovation (Bidah) which was not obligated during the time of Messenger (PBUH). Furthermore, it should be reconsidered if it is originated from non-Islamic resources. Any similarity acquired from the enemies of Allah is not allowed in Islam.

Islam has provided us massive festivities which include Eid festivals, Fasting of Ramadan and Fridays as weekly Eid. There are no festivals except above mentioned. Besides, any further innovations are considered as a falsehood in Shariah.

A testimony by Sahih Bukhari and Muslim narrates the Hadith of Allah’s Apostle S.A.W;

” Every deed introduced into our affair that does not belong to it is rejected.”

”Whoever does a deed that is not what our affair is upon, will have it rejected.”

In the light of above mentioned Ahadith this is clearly evident that Mother’s day celebration is not apt to be observed by Muslims.

A true Muslim always takes pride in obligating Allah SWT’s religion on the whole. There is no adding or subtracting eligible in Islam. He is firm on his belief and never follows blindly to every innovation or cultural festivities that don’t fits with rules of Shariah.

Why should we celebrate a Day to acknowledge the sacrifices our mothers have made for us? We must maintain respect, admiration and obedience towards our mothers for whole life. A Muslim truly grants a proper recognition to his mother each day of his/her life. One day is not enough to elaborate the relationship we have with our beloved mothers.

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