Once in a Lifetime – Hajj the Fifth Pillar of Islam

HAJJ the Fifth Pillar of Islam

All praise is due to ALLAH almighty who made pilgrimage to his old house an act of obedience upon the Muslims from the time of IBRAHIM AS to the time of Muhammad ﷺ and it is One of the world’s largest annual gatherings and a central fifth pillar of Islam, the Islamic faith the spiritual journey is meant to purify from the sins and bring closer to our Almighty ALLAH.

In the Holy QURAN, Allah SWT said,

And [mention] when We made the House a place of return for the people and [a place of] security. And obtain [O believers] from the standing place of Abraham a place of prayer. And We charged Abraham and Ishmael, [saying], “Purify My House for those who perform Tawaf and those who are staying [there] for worship and those who bow and prostrate [in prayer].”(2:125).

The Obligation of Hajj

HAJJ became obligatory in the ninth year of HIJJRAH by the Revelation of ALMIGHTY ALLAH in the Quran. And the scholars are agreed upon performing hajj one time in the whole life. This is proved by the QURAN and the SUNNAH.

In the Holy Quran, the obligation is penned in ayah 3:97,

And [due] to Allah from the people is a pilgrimage to the House – for whoever is able to find thereto a way. (3:97).

In Sunnah according to Sahi Bukhari MUHAMMAD ﷺ stated, “Islam is based on five principles

  • None has the right to be worshiped except Allah and the Muhammad ﷺ is the  messenger of Allah,
  • To offer the Prayers,
  • Pay Zakat,
  • Fasting during the month of Ramadan
  • Perform Hajj,

Sahi Bukhari – Muslim

The Conditions when Hajj become obligatory on individual

The conditions of the obligation of Hajj (cheap Hajj Package 2017)  and Ummrah are five.( i )ISLAM (ii) FREEDOM (iii) MIND (not insane) (iv) ADULTNESS (V) HAVING ABILITY.(financial) some additional conditions for women; Having MAHRAM and not to be in iddah because of divorce or husband’s death.

Rewards of Hajj

HAJJ is the purification of the soul from sins and to gain the mercy of ALLAH

To get full benefits of hajj, one must do the following:

  • Abandoning sins
  • Perform Hajj according to the Sunnah

Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ said; “Take from me your rites of pilgrimage” (Sahi Muslim).Fulfillment of these conditions will yield a Maqbool Hajj. MUHAMMAD ﷺ said, “The reward of maqbool hajj is nothing short of jannah.” (Sahi Bukhari, Muslim)

Abu hurrairah (may Allah be pleased him) narrated that the messenger of Allah says “Whoever  performs hajj without having sexual relation(with his wife) or committing a sin during hajj would return like his status at the day of his birth.” –Sahi Bukhari,

8th Zul-Hajj:

  1. Taking bath and put on the white cloths for the male (ahram) for the female that fulfills the Islamic condition of public dress. And after donning Ihram and verbally declaring the intention to perform Hajj, fifth pillar of Islam, offering two Rakkat prayers of AHRAM (it is SUNNAH) and recites Talbiyah:

Going MINA from MAKKAH:

The Pilgrim goes to Mina on 8th of zul-hajj. He stays on MINA for one day from after FAJAR of 8th zulhajj till after FAJAR of 9th zulhajj. He performs five prayers starting from ZUHAR and ending with the FAJAR on the day of arafat.

9th Zul-Hajj: (Going to ARAFAT from MINA)

The pilgrim stays in Arafat from after dawn until after sunset on 9th zulhajj. From noon onwards, Wuquf should be performed at Arafat. One of the most significant rites of Hajj and it is fifth pillar of Islam, the pilgrim stand, facing the Qibla , hands should be raised and prayers offered to Allah, repentance for sins, and in seeking the forgiveness of Allah. The pilgrim should leave Arafat for Muzdalifah after the sun set.


The pilgrim stays in Muzdalifah from after sunset on 9th zulhajj until after FAJAR prayer on 10th of zulhajj. Pilgrims perform Maghreb and Isha prayer jointly. Spend the night on the ground with open sky. The pilgrim also collects small pebbles (seventy) for the RAMMY (stoning ceremony).

10th Zul-Hajj: (RAMMY AL JAMARAT).

Pilgrim back to MINA for the stoning of satan (JAMARA TUL KUBRA) by throwing seven stones .After the stoning a Sacrifice of an animal .And shaving or cutting the hair then pilgrim leaves the state of AHRAM. On the same day pilgrim visit Makah to perform TAWAF E IFADAH an essential part of Hajj. And back to Mina to spend the night of 10th.

11TH-13TH Zul-Hajj:

The pilgrims again throw seven pebbles at each of the three pillars ramy al-uula, ramy al-wusta and ramy al- kubra in Mina. Pilgrims must leave Mina for Mecca before sunset on the 12th.


The pilgrim may return to MAKKAH to perform farewell Tawaf (tawaf-e-wida).


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