Reframing Your Judgments

Judgments others is an easy way to overlook own faults. This has been practiced by each one of us at a certain point in our lives if we are honest with our own self. The main reason people busy themselves in highlighting faults of others is that it makes them feel better by considering what other lack. The defects are identified based on the speculation of that person which he presents characteristically or physically that might be disagreeable to one’s opinions and values.

Way of Judging Others

We will understand the concept of judging other with some examples. For instance in the market a sister rudely looked at you and you frowned at her in response. It is possible that her father died last night and she is still grieving on this tragedy. Her level of taqwa might be superior from you in Allah’s eyes even if she does not seem, pious woman. She is not greeting with salaams and wearing abaya yet she will go home to break the fast at night like she does every Thursday and Monday and wakes up in the middle of the night to offer Tahajjud. So who are you to judge her in the first place by her mere rude action?

Judgments are Dangerous

The judgments of this kind are very dangerous as it opens the door to numerous sins. You are more vulnerable to tarnishing other’s reputation and backbiting. When focusing on the faults of others become a habit then it becomes a toxin destroying family ties and marriages. Allah SWT commands us in Surah Hujarat verse 11:

Allah Almighty is the Ultimate Judge

Allah SWT judges his creations based on what is in their heart not what is visible to us. He SWT is the only one who sees into the heart of a person. You can take think that the action of some person is based on his bad intentions, but you are unaware of this as only Allah SWT can see the true intentions of that person. Allah SWT is the only one who judges them, and we are no one to judge any person so we must save judgments to Almighty Allah SWT. In Surah Al-Qasas verse 69 Allah Almighty states:


Islam provides the perfect solution to overcome this problem and every problem prevailing in the society. We all need to replace our negative thinking and irrational assumptions with positive thinking and rational thinking. Only in this way we can deal with this issue. May Allah SWT guide us on his path. Ameen

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