Basic Tips for Muslim Women How to Dress up for Hajj?

Clothing Tips for Muslim Women

Irrespective of the nature of the event, the biggest concern for any Muslim women are “What to wear?” When it comes to Hajj 2017, women ought to be more careful as there are certain rules they need to abide by.

During the pilgrimage women are supposed to be dressed modestly yet in comfortable clothes. They should avoid wearing something that might distract them from worship. Females prefer wearing White dresses during the pilgrimage, although it is not mandatory for them.

There are a number of things to be taken into consideration while selecting Ihram. Shared under are some of the clothing tips for Hajj 2017 for women:

  1. Keep at-least three sets of Ihram (As they will be worn multiple times)
  2. When exposed to sun white colour might reveal your body. Therefore, ensure that the fabric of Ihram is thick enough to cover your body properly. The material of the clothing should be breathable.
  3. Avoid the use of pure fabric. The use of mixed fabric is encouraged because Saudi Arabia is a hot country and the pilgrims will be exposed to sun most of the times. The use of pure fabric might suffocate and exhaust them.
  4. Wear white underclothing, white summer socks, thin white pants (cotton) and a white T- shirt, a white Abaya (with closed front) or loose dress with full sleeves, and white Hijab, big enough to cover you properly.  (You can also wear black Abaya, but remember: black color absorbs heat).
  5. Precisely, the best clothing tip for Hajj 2017 is to wear something plain (cotton blend), easily manageable, breathable which covers you properly from head to toe. Hijab (waist length with elastic) is easy to put on and works well in most of the situations.
  6. Wear white under scarf cap for managing hair. Otherwise most of the time will spent in fixing the scarf and hair.
  7. Try to carry minimum number of items.
  8. Backpacks are great for keeping and organizing ones belongings, but bear in mind that long distances are to be traveled during Hajj, therefore, it is suggested to not overload it. Moreover, the straps of the bad expose the outline of chest, if worn over Hijab. The essential clothing tip for Hajj over here is the use of scarf that would properly cover the chest area and wear the backpack under the Hijab.
  9. Ladies can also wear the bag on their front, which will make it easier to get things out of it. (Note: Bags are not allowed to be carried inside Masjid ul Haram. Very small bags arranged by the group will be provided to use.
  10. Wearing the right shoes is as important as wearing the right dress for Hajj 2017. For Muslim women, covering their feet is a part of Hijab as per most of the religious authorities. Hence, Flip Flops should not be worn unless you wear them with socks.
  11. Sneakers and walking shoes are okay to use but it one should take care that of the laces. It consumes a lot of time to tie them up again and again and if they are not tied properly one might trip over it.
  12. Crocs or tennis shoes (without laces) can be a great choice as the pilgrims are required to take their shoes off time and again. For instance in washroom for Wuddu and inside mosques etc. Having white shoes is not a compulsion. One can wear shoes in any other but should make sure that they are not too flashy.

The above stated clothing tips for Hajj 2017 ensure that Muslim women are dressed modestly yet comfortably for Hajj 2017. These tips will help one to concentrate more on the holy pilgrimage and related worships rather than worrying about their clothing. As Hajj 2017 is the journey of the lifetime, therefore, everyone should try to make the most out of it.

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