The Greatest Day of Hajj

Hajj is a spiritual journey like no other. Thousands of Muslims from all around the world enjoin on this pilgrimage. The sacrifices and rituals performed in the Hajj pilgrimage date back to the start of Islam when the Holy Prophet PBUH had spread the message of Allah across all of Arabia. The rituals honor the numerous sacrifices made by the Prophets Ibrahim and Ismail. The days of the Hajj pilgrimage are several in number but special significance has been given to one specific day, commonly referred to as the “the greatest day.” Let’s take a closer in depth look at the day known to be the greatest of all in the pilgrimage.

What is the greatest day?

A common question that you may be wondering is what is the greatest day? The 10thday of Zul-Hijjah is referred to as the Day of Sacrifice or the greatest day. This day is also known to being the best of days in the eyes of Allah. It is narrated that the Holy Prophet PBUH has stated, “The greatest of days before Allah is the Day of Sacrifice.” It is narrated by Ibn al Qayyim, “the best of days before Allah is the day of sacrifice, which is the greatest day.”

What is the significance of the greatest day of Hajj for all Muslim believers?

Allah has announced the day of sacrifice as a day of His remembrance, thankfulness and mercy of His forgiveness. This day comes after the completion, reminding Muslim pilgrims that the reward of performing Hajj is forgiveness of sins. The greatness of this day is due to the fact that a number of different rituals and actions are performed. They commemorate the sacrifices made by Hazrat Ibrahim and Ismail. This includes the following:

• Stoning of the Jamrat al Aqabah
• Sacrifice of animals
• The cutting of hair or shaving of the head
• Performance of Tawaf or circumambulation of the Kaaba
• Performance of Saa’I or the running between Al Safaa and Al Marwah

The greatest day of Hajj in light of the Holy Prophet

Greatest Day Of Hajj In Light Of The Holy Prophet

According to the Holy Prophet, the following Hadith have been mentioned regarding the greatest day.

1. The Prophet is reported to have said, “The day of Arafat, the day of sacrifice and the days of Al-Tashreeq are our festivals, us Muslims, and they are days of eating and drinking.”

2. It was narrated that Ibn Umar said that the Prophet stood between the Jamarat on the Sacrifice Day during the Hajj pilgrimage and stated, “This is the greatest day.”

The greatest day, is a day that has been mentioned by Allah in the Quran as well as the Holy Prophet. All Muslims should understand its significance and take full advantage of the benefits that can be obtained from this day of glory.

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