Reflections on Marriage in American Muslim Community

Modern Day Issues Regarding Marriage American Muslim

One of the most acknowledged and an irrefutable commandment of Islam is that of marriage American Muslim; a holy merger that takes place only between a man and a woman. The Holy Quran and the Hadith lay particular stress on the importance of this honored bond in various verses. The orders have not been restricted to previously unmarried individuals, but also those who have been through the turmoil of divorce or the sorrow of losing their significant other.

Nikkah and Rights

As of recent, many reports have been speculating regarding the violation of the Islamic marriage contract. The Nikkah must be officiated in the presence of two witnesses. Many abuses the laws set in the contract denying their wives, their legal rights and even go to the extent of hiring individuals to act as witnesses. For this reason, it is now a preliminary requirement for the Qazi or Moazan to officiate the Nikkah and then fill the legal paperwork needed to make an entry in the official court register.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Islam allows pre-established specifications in the Nikkah contract, such as the upbringing of the children, collective finances, house duties, etc. All requisites can be added to the contract in accordance with the needs of the couple so they can be legally formulated as prenuptial. If not, the law of the land must be followed.

Interfaith Matrimony

Interfaith Muslim marriage USA related queries have been a major source of attention nowadays. This issue has been a source of speculation and distress, especially for the parents. A Muslim man is allowed to marry a non-Muslim girl, provided he ensures that their children will be raised as Muslims. It is not Haram to marry a non-Muslim for men, but it is most definitely not the best of Halal. The rules are different for Muslim women for a Muslim woman is not allowed to marry a non-Muslim man and has managed to cause much resentment in recent years. The reasoning behind it is due to the man’s position as the patriarch of the family and thus being responsible for the code of conduct followed in the household.


Polygamy is not Haram in Islam, but there is a set of rules that need to be followed. Muslims in America have a different problem to encounter since polygamy is not entertained in the States. Islam does not permit a man to do something that ends him up behind bars. If an American Muslim chooses to take a second wife, she is denied her legal rights, which essentially is against the teachings of Islam.

Islam is a religion that believes in lawful marriage and domestic peace. The rules set down are to ensure that Muslims do not deviate from the right path and forget the real purpose of this life.

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