5 Important Facts About Rawdatul Jannah Masjid Nabawi

Rawdatul Jannah Masjid Nabawi

When we see the mesmerizing or impeccable scenery, we say “it’s like a heaven on earth.” But there is only one place on earth that is a piece of heaven in this world. It is in the Prophet’s Mosque, covered in green carpets, garden from the gardens of paradise known as Rawdatul Jannah. It is one of the many mysteries of the Masjid Nabawi. Let’s discover some more interesting and unknown facts of the Masjid Nabawi.

First Place to have electricity in the Arabian Peninsula

The first place to be lit up was Masjid Nabawi when the Ottomans introduced power to Arabian Peninsula. According to some records, it would be a couple of more years before the Sultan he had electricity in his royal residence in Istanbul.

Present Mosque Nabawi is bigger than the old city

The current mosque is more than 100 times the size of the original building. The current mosque covers the entire area of the old city itself practically. It is evident from the fact that Jannat-ul-Baqi cemetery was on the edges of the city during the time of Prophet Muhammad PBUH which now borders the areas of the present mosque grounds.

Fire decimated it

Most of the old mosque, including the first mimbar of the beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH was decimated in a fire that cleared through the mosque hundreds of years after the Prophet PBUH passed on. The fire was extended to the point that the rooftop and even a portion of the walls of the room of Prophet Muhammad PBUH broke down, uncovering his resting place without precedent for a long time.

Before there was not even a single dome, now there are two

For over 650 years after Prophet Muhammad PBUH passed away, there was no dome over His grave. In 1279 Mamluk Sultan built the first one made of wood. The green dome that we see today is the outer dome over the room of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. There is an inner dome, which is much littler and has the name of our beloved Prophet PBUH, Hazrat Abu Bakr RA and Hazrat Umar RA engraved within.

The dome was purple before

Yeah purple! The dome has been through different hues and renovations before it achieved its present form and color around 150 years back. It used to be white once and for the longest period, it was a purple-blue shade that the Arabs were particularly fond of.

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