Life after Hajj

Life after Hajj

You performed the greatest obligatory Muslim ritual and it’s over with the blink of an eye. Now, what can you do to maintain your spirituality life after Hajj? What does it take to be a true Muslim whole life?

Usually, when you return home after Makkah and Madinah pilgrimage, you get a new life after Hajj but with a heavy heart because it is one golden opportunity to wipe away your sins and when it is completed, every Muslim feel come back to the square.

How Should a Muslim Live a Life after Hajj?

It’s no degree of engineering, you fear. You just need to return with clean vision and mission with a peaceful message for your Muslim brothers as,

“Whoever performs Hajj for the Pleasure of Allah and therein utters no word of evil, nor commits any evil deed, shall return from it (free from sin) as the day on which his mother gave birth to him.” —Bukhaari, Muslim.

How Should a Muslim Live a Life after Hajj

  • The mission is none other than spreading a right Islam accompanied by good deeds.
  • Once you’re back, celebrate the pilgrimage whole life in the form of religious practices.
  • Let others know about the acts of devotion and worship you performed when Hajj was favored on you.
  • Your Hajj experience is vital for future pilgrims so guide them accordingly by Do’s and Don’ts.
  • Refrain from evil acts and be a better example for other pilgrims.
  • Keep your soul connected to Allah and praise Him to get closer to Allah.
  • Show gratitude to Allah as he chose you as a Hajji.
  • Break not your those oaths you took in front of the Ka’bah Shareef. Stick on them throughout thick and thins.

Be a Role Model after your Return

The best sacred Hajj journey of a lifetime and not your ordinary visit to shopping because when you step in the House of Allah, everything from your body to soul diverted in the holy direction of black stone to observe the fifth pillar of Islam. It demands sacrifice, not only an animal but time, effort, energy, and money and traveling to please Allah and seek His definitive forgiveness.

After turning back from your spiritual journey, don’t let your feelings quickly fade away in a matter of week but remain geared towards worshipping Allah to lead a successful life after the duty and do not exceed your sins. The best thing you can do is strengthen your faith more on Allah and realize the greatness of the blessing he has showered on you.

To make your pilgrimage accepted, it should embrace all the above signs so that “Allah Have mercy upon you were told that the accepted Hajj is rewarded by Paradise.”