The Major Signs Of The Day Of Judgment Islam Has Already Warned About

Be it Muslims or people belonging to any other religion, they all have been obsessed with the end of the World lately. A People belonging to another religion can only make assumptions at when will be the Judgment Day or what are the Signs of day of judgment. We as a Muslim have a plus point over non-Muslims that we have been guided by the last sermon of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) regarding the end of the World and its signs.

Major Signs of Judgment Day Islam

Here are some of the minor signs that indicate the Judgment Day and which are already happening.

The Prophecy by Muhammad ﷺ

  1. 1. Wealth would be so much that there will be no one left to give charity to. This has already happened during the rule of Khalifa Umar‚ the Muslims were so rich that there was no one to give Zakat or Sadqah to.
  2. The disappearance of knowledge and abundance of Ignorance. Writings and other knowledge would be there‚ but religious knowledge and true virtues of education and awareness would be gone.
  3. Adultery and fornication will be widespread among the people. It will be done in the open and brood through fornication will be common. And remaining pure will be considered old fashioned and bad.
  4. 4. The consumption of Alcohol and other intoxicating drugs would be common. It will be taken as an act of status.
  5. People will be killed without any reason. The killer wouldn’t know why he is killing and the victim wouldn’t know why he is being murdered.
  6. Women will outnumber men to 50:1. A Woman will dress as man and man will dress as women. A Woman will conspire and man will be afraid of his wife not mother‚ he will be afraid of his friend not father.
  7. Disobedience in children. They will not respect their parents and treat them like servants.
  8. When interest or Riba will become a means of earning and will be common‚ wealth will stay among the rich only and people will feel burdened on giving out Zakat to deserve.
  9. Backbiting will be common in etiquette. People will act totally different in front of each other and at their backs. The oppressor and corrupt person will be the leader and people will follow them due to the fear of losing their lives.
  10. Female singers and musical instruments will be accepted. People will sing and dance all day and night.
  11. Homosexuality will be common. A Woman will wear dresses but will be still naked. People will walk in the market with their thighs exposed.
  12. There will be increased number of earthquakes and natural disasters. People will build tall buildings‚ the other taller than the previous one.
  13. There will be no sense of time. Years will go like months‚ months like weeks and weeks like days.
  14. People will lie. Lying would be common. The liar would be believed and those speaking truth will be disbelieved.
  15. Some people would want to die before their time.

10 Major signs that indicate the upcoming of Judgment Day

In books of a hadith, there are 10 Major Signs that indicate the Judgment Day is very near and yet to happen. Once they do, it will mean the end of the World isn’t far. Here are the 10 signs:

  1. The appearance of false Messiah or known as Dajjal.
  2. The arrival of Isa Ibn Maryam AS
  3. Three major landslides, one in east‚ one in the west and one is Arab.
  4. Arrival of Gog and Magog in English.
  5. The smoke that will cover the whole sky.
  6. A fire that will originate from Yemen and gather all people in their gathering place.
  7. The Sun will rise from the west.
  8. A wind will come that will take the souls of the believers.
  9. Appearance of beast of the land.

The Final Call by Trumpet

The Angel Israfeel AS will blow the trumpet, which has the sound so terrifying that even the mountains will burst like cotton buds. There will be two blasts of the trumpet. First‚ will cause fear among people and will kill them all and the second will resurrect them for the Judgment Day.

Nothing can be said for sure that when will be the End of the World. However‚ a lot of Minor Signs have already been shown and showing and Major Signs are yet to come. We don’t know if we will be able to see the Judgment Day in our lifetime‚ but we will be resurrected‚ so it’s better to be ready for it and follow the path of Islam and Sunnah to be successful in this world and the world hereafter.

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