The Last Sermon

First and Last Sermon of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Islam is a complete code of life. We all know that every religion talks about peace and love where Islam is the religion who carried on the light but yes it has the privilege to give first human rights charter in history of mankind. Not only Muslims but people from different religions acknowledge and in fact use them as a source of guidance.

Date and fixtures

As holy prophet was a great fortune teller and so he had a wise mind, he thought of addressing people once and for all to explain the important facts of life. He used to remain ill from the six months before this last sermon so finally on ninth of zil hijjah ten after hijri he addressed the large audience on jabarat-ul- Arafat.

Explaining the Sermon

He talked about why life has chosen us? How we humans belong to offer ourselves before Allah? Who deserves the most and who is the favorite one among us? He then focused on many topics which were:
Humanity and racism:
He explained that we are generation of hazrat Adam and we were made from blood and dust. There is no such thing like racism and everybody should be loves as humans and treated with equality.

Day of Judgment

Then he addressed by calling “the quraish clan” that you all were wrong before and the deeds your forefathers did were brutal and illogical. They were bad and they surely will get their punishment. You should not brag on them as on Day of Judgment everybody will be addressed according to their deeds.

Equality and Justice

He furthered explained that all humans are same and they should be treated properly. The one who cannot give equality should not ask for justice when he comes under objection. People who treat each other with harmony and equality are the one loved by Allah.

Rights for Women

He said that women are the sign of respect and they should be given the massive respect. The one who treats them well deserve better wife and a women should be supportive to his husband and the couple should live with peace and love.


The role of satan is explained as evil and bad. He advised that people should stay from him and that Allah always gives guidance to humans and it is human who have to choose the right path. One should decide is he with Allah or is he with satan doing things that are not acceptable.

Zakat, Crime and Children

Zakat is the act that Allah loves the most. He guided to people that one who deserves zakat are the one to be given and people who can give zakat should give it, it is a sign of equality. Further he said crime and criminal is evil. One who does this gets out of circle of Islam. He himself used to love children and for children he said never to let children cry and every elder should love them.


We can see that how in his last sermon he told us about humanity and what message he came with. We as humans should see as the sign of light and focus on humanity. Islam is certainly a complete code of life that covers all aspects of life. Human rights are the one that should be the first priority as we can see that even in last message prophet explained us about humanism and told it to carry it forward.


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