Qualities of the Best Life Partner According to Islam

The very first relation of human being to a human –marriage is the divine relation created by Allah that wouldn’t last even in the hereafter.

One of the main aspirations of life is marriage. It is the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet ﷺ and has been carried out since the day man came to Earth. Along with this, Allah Almighty has also recommended men to marry and expand the size of the community. When you are set to look for a life partner, there are many things that will jump into your mind. Some things might be clear and some might be so faded away that your sense cannot figure out about it. The basic thing you need to see in your life partner is whether he/she is a Muslim or not.

Marrying a person with a good heart, soul and character should be your priority goal instead of looks and wealth. Men usually prefer women who are fair in color. But what if that fair woman doesn’t treat you right? What if a dark complexion woman treats you the best? There are many possibilities. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said about this:

“A woman is wed for four reason; her wealth, family status, beauty and religion. So, pick the one with religion or you will be at the losing end.”

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ also said:

“Marry the loving and child bearing woman, for I shall out strip other nations with you numbers on the Day of Judgement.

In Surah Al Noor, Allah Almighty says:

“And the sinful women are for sinful men, and the sinful men are for the sinful women, and the virtuous women are for the virtuous men, and the virtuous men are for the virtuous women.”

Because of all this, the qualities of the life partner should be considered. The qualities a good life partner should possess are:


First thing is first; your partner needs to be a Muslim and should practice the obligatory teachings of Islam. Practicing Islam and avoiding conflicts between the couple should be done. Choosing a pious partner is always right as in this way your children will also be pious with what you teach them.

Beauty and Wealth

Today every man and even women are looking for beautiful faces. The truth is that beautiful faces don’t last long, but beautiful characters do. Choosing religion and family background of the individual over other qualities is always wise.

Family Background

One more important factor you need to consider is that family background of the status of the individual. It is not necessary that the family you want should be of high status and wealth, but you should make sure they belong to a good background and are hold best etiquettes. Similar family background minimizes the risks of misunderstandings.

Fertility and Affection

Fertility is also a basic factor that is to be considered before marriage. Producing offspring is one of the purposes of marriage and you need to ensure that Islam and the Muslims spread all over the world. Affection and romance between the partners should be maintained throughout the life to spend a good life together. This also helps solve problems easily.

There are tons of other qualities you have set in mind for your partner, but these basic ones should not be neglected if you want to live a good life.

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