Prayers for Happiness and Success

Do you want to fill your life with happiness? Want to be a happier and contented person? Do you crave ultimate success throughout your life? Of course, who doesn’t? We all want better lives and a successful future in every aspect.

Pray and Success

We as Muslims are blessed with a secret weapon that can assure our happiness and success, help us attain an improved life. Importance of Dua in Islam, which has great impact in our lives on an immediate note. A supplication is a direct communication with Allah ﷻ, where we can put all our worries and problems in front of HIM and receive blessings, happiness and success, rewards for hereafter. Therefore, if you are not happy with the things going in your life and facing failures and negativities –then I encourage you to turn to Allah and supplicate.

Yes, there are people who think that their supplications are not approved and getting in vain. It has to be kept in mind that every single dua is heard and accepted by Allah. It is approved and fulfilled in Allah’s way not yours! What we can do is to maintain a certain etiquette as it is the Lord of the whole Universe we are talking to, so here are some tips to get your supplication accepted and approved.

Happiness and Success in Pray

Keep a good intention. A supplication done with intentions of hurting anyone, wishing ill for somebody or being mean in other aspects of life couldn’t reach the level of acceptance. Instead, keep a clean heart that is filled with the love of Allah ﷻ and good for everyone.

Stay Halal in every aspect of life. A man whose earnings are not halal, doesn’t matter how much charity he would do, his prayers and supplication will not be accepted.

Etiquettes of supplication; Do ablution and sit on a clean surface, Praise Allah with Surah Al-Fatiha and then send peace and blessings on Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. Complete your supplication by sending blessings to Prophet through durood Ibrahimi.  These are the best manners to supplicate.

Supplicate with emotions. You should ask Allah with determination, devotion and desire. A flat prayer without any hearty feelings will not get to approval level. You must feel the bond between you and your Creator, the ever-knowing and ever-seeing of all your problems.

Have patience. Never entertain any thought of disapproval of your supplications. These negative thoughts are satanic traps that leave you hopeless and lower your faith levels towards Allah. Remember, a supplication made is fulfilled in three genres. Either it is accepted as it is, or it is not accepted but to give you far better things that you’d wish for, or it is kept to reward you in hereafter. In any case –it’s accepted for sure (unless it’s ill-wishing or not halal).

Specific timings for supplication: There are times when a supplication is never rejected. They include;

  • When it rains
  • The night of Laylatul Qadr
  • While breaking the Fast
  • The hour between Jumma prayer till Maghrib prayer on Friday
  • After Tahajjud prayer
  • During the Athaan (the call for five obligatory prayers)
  • After every obligatory prayer
  • When you supplicate similar for another Muslim

By the permission of Allah, these tips will help your supplications become more meaningful and get them accepted for sure. In the next blog I will gather some supplications from Quran that’ll surely help you attain an improved and successful life. May Allah accept our supplications and bless us with HIS mercy and Fazl. Ameen!

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