Ramee Al Jamarat

Ramee Al Jamarat – The Hajj is basically a re-sanctioning of the customs of the great Prophets and educators of the faith. Pilgrims symbolically remember the experience of outcast and amends experienced by Prophet Adam AS and Hawa, after they were removed from Heaven, wandered the earth, met again and sought repentance in the valley of Mecca. They unknowingly retrace the frantic footsteps of the spouse of Prophet Ibrahim, Hajrah AS, long before it has to have happened, as she kept running between the slopes of Safa and Marwa fervently searching for water for her thirsty infant (which Allah ﷻ replied with the well of Zamzam). Ultimately, the pilgrims also celebrate the willingness of Prophet Ibrahim AS to yield his child for Allah ﷻ. Almighty Allah later substituted a ram in place of his son, Ismail.


Ramee means throwing. It refers to casting or stoning of seven pebbles. This symbolic throwing is performed in Mina and obligatory upon all the pilgrims’ whether Tamattu, Qiraan or Ifraad. This ritual is also performed to imitate Prophet Ibrahim’s throwing stones at Satan who tried to stop Prophet Ibrahim AS from sacrificing His son in the name of Allah ﷻ.


Jamarat is the three pillars in Mina that symbolize the devil to be stoned. The names of the three pillars are:

Jamarat Al-Sughra (smallest pillar)

This represents Satan temptation of Prophet Ismail AS to avoid being sacrificed.

Jamarat Al-Wusta (middle one)

This represents his temptation of Hajrah AS to stop Prophet Ibrahim AS.

Jamarat Al-Aqabah (largest pillar)

This represents his temptation of Prophet Ibrahim against sacrificing Prophet Ismail AS.

Full Name

Ramee Al-Jamarat is the full name of this ritual performed by the pilgrims. This is the fourth obligatory act of Hajj. Ramee Al-Jamarat Al Aqabah is performed on the day of Eid ul Adha. Jamarat Al Aqabah is the first Jamarat to be stoned on the day of Eid after the sunrise. Stoning is continued on 11th, 12th, and 13th of Zilhijah where the three Jamarats are stones all days.


The history of stoning the Satan goes back to the time of Prophet Ibrahim AS. Prophet Ibrahim AS was taking his beloved son Prophet Ismail AS with the intention of sacrificing upon receiving the dominion from Allah ﷻ. Satan could not bear his obedience. He tried to distract him by appearing in front of him three times so that Prophet Ibrahim AS give up his intention. Prophet Ibrahim AS drive him away by casting seven stones on him. He AS stoned the devil following the command of Prophet Jibrail AS. This happened on three different spots. Thus this event laid the basis of the ritual of stoning devil.

Purpose of Stoning

The main purpose behind Ramee Al Jamarat is to follow the command of Allah ﷻ manifesting submission and servitude to Allah Almighty. It is a show of complete obedience and represents the renouncement of man’s self (an-nafs al-ammarah). It is an act of throwing away one’s low desires and wishes.

Obligatory acts in Ramee Al Jamarat

  1. Having the intention of closeness to Allah ﷻ.
  2. Seven pebbles should be used.
  3. Pebbles need to be thrown one by one.

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