Drinking Zamzam is Worship

Zamzam is Worship

Those who have performed the pilgrimages of Hajj and Umrah will be familiar with the taste and goodness of the Zamzam water. For those who are unfamiliar, the term Zamzam is the name given to a well of water located in the holy city of Makkah. According to Muslim tradition, it is a miracle from Allah for all Muslim believers to benefit from. Drinking zamzam is considered to be an act of Ibadah or worship as well as a means through which believers can attain closeness to Allah. Let’s shed some more light on why drinking zamzam is considered to be worship in Islam.

Miracle of Zamzam Origin

Zamzam can be found in mass quantities from a well located within the Haram in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. It is a known fact in the history of science that water can only emerge from rocks that are highly permeable and porous. With that being said, Makkah is built on a giant mass of igneous rock that contains no pores. For this reason, the emergence of zamzam is considered to be a miracle from Allah.

Zamzam is a manifestation for what it is drunk for

According to Hadith, the Holy Prophet PBUH is reported to have stated, “The water of Zamzam is for whatever it is drunk for.” This Hadith is a clear explanation for those who are mindful of its meaning. Zamzam has been proven to act as a source of healing for a great number of ailments. Those who drink zamzam with a clear mind and sincere intention of fulfilling one’s needs, be it physical pain, poverty and distress or calmness from anxiety, Allah will give way to attainment of their needs. A perfect example is of the Holy Prophet, who used zamzam for wudu before prayers, before entering the heavens as well as for washing his chest so as to obtain courage and relief from anxiety by the grace of Allah.

Miracle of Zamzam’s

Zamzam as a source of nourishment

According to tradition, it is Sunnah to drink one’s fill of Zamzam. Zamzam is so beneficial to human health that it was stated by Ibn al- Qayyim that he saw someone nourish himself with Zamzam for a great number of days, half a month or more, and he did not feel hunger. Abu Dharr is known to have stayed for forty days and forty nights near the Kaaba, nourishing himself with nothing but zamzam. He had gotten so fat that folds appeared on his stomach. When the Holy Prophet found out, he said, “Verily the zamzam is blessed; it is a food that nourishes.”

As can be seen from the above Hadith and examples, zamzam is one of the most pure forms of water with numerous health and spiritual benefits. It is for this reason that drinking zamzam is considered to be an act of worship in Islam.

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