How to become an Ideal Muslim Wife in Islam

Ideal Muslim Wife in Islam

Do you think you are a perfect ideal Muslim wife? The answer would be yes, but believe me; this won’t be the case when you reach the end of this blog. The reason is our ignorance of the duties and responsibilities specified to us from our Lord Allah SWT.

Wife plays a vital role in Islam and Muslim. Her contemplation and actions aimed to gratify her better-half succeed her to gain the pleasure of Allah Almighty. She enjoys the blessings and grace of Allah only when she chooses her husband’s wishes over her. To perform and execute best as a wife, she ought to follow the mothers of heaven in every walk of life.

A hadith of Allah’s Apostle PBUH stated; “This whole world is a provision, and the finest of all provisions in this world is the pious woman”.

Shower Love and Cares for You Better-Half

Your husband requires love, affection, and warmth from you. He looks at you as an affable and amiable companion. He needs you to be with him and take good care of him. Try to get close to him emotionally and be his friend so he can be in solace to you. Try to fulfill his sexual needs till he is happy and complacent.

Support Your Husband in The Ups and Downs

Life is flooded with troubles, adversities, and hardships. Abstain from giving your better half a hard time by being a bothering and nagging child. Give your full support to him, especially in times of disasters and calamities. You can be his strength instead of weakness. Tolerance and consolation are your big weapons during afflictions and adversities.

Keep Expenses under-control

You are the Queen of your house, and the leading figure of any organization has to show proper administrative skills to run it in a smooth and proper way.  So, an ideal Muslim wife in Islam is the one who maintains a reasonable budget and keep limited expenditure. Quit approaching your better-half of unnecessary and pointless expenses. Try not to urge your better-half to expend on your yearnings that beat his financial means.

Always Be Appreciative

Being thankful is the imperative and the significant role that a wife ought to play. Show him extreme appreciation and admiration when he purchases something for you, or when he helps you with house chores and with kids, etc. It enhances your husband’s affection and love for you.

Quit hunting for Perfection

Wives must stop looking for perfection. Some men are excessively fat or too thin, some are bad-tempered, and others are good-natured. Keep in mind that you also have weaknesses and shortcomings. Therefore be satisfied for what you have.


Allah SWT has promised huge rewards for a virtuous and righteous wife. She is the base and foundation of peace and smooth family life. Hence all Muslim women must try to be the ideal Muslim wife in Islam and earn a place in Jannah.

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