Tips to make your Umrah Trip Memorable

Memorable Umrah Trip

The word Umrah is of Arabic origin, with the literal meaning “to pay a visit to a populous place.” Regarding Islamic terminology, Umrah Trip is a non-obligatory act of servitude in which a Muslim visits Makkah at any time throughout the year for the love of their sole creator Allah SWT.

Millions of Muslims from around the globe perform Umrah every year. It is essential to make this spiritual activity as memorable as possible because it will emotionally impact one’s routine life positively. One can fall more revered and close to the Creator if the memory of the journey remained etched in mind. It is only possible if Umrah is performed by the true spirit and without the burden of other trivial thoughts and responsibilities. For that purpose, some suggestions are presented.

Gain Necessary Knowledge

  1. Before planning the blessed journey, it is essential to understand the reason why this Ibadah is recommended and what are the specific outcomes a Muslim is expected to derive.
  2. Without knowing what to achieve, one cannot get the actual and real effects of the activity.
  3. To make sure of this, guidance should be sought from a genuine scholar in a one-to-one session.

Educate Yourself

  1. It is essential to study authentic Islamic literature on this topic which includes what rituals are obligatory and how to perform them rightly, Dua’s recommended by Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) during Umrah, things/activities to be avoided and so on.
  2. Also enlist Islamic historical sites to be visited such as Masjid e Nabvi, the cave of Hira and Jabal e Uhad.
  3. To do homework and comprehensive planning before departing for the holy lands is a key to a memorable Umrah trip.

Make Arrangements Beforehand

  1. To fully concentrate on the Ibadah without being interrupted or disturbed by the worldly matters, one should plan and arrange for the responsibilities at home as well as make advance settlements for provisions at Macca and Medina.
  2. One should make sure of possessing the complete documentation required from departure to arrival back to home.
  3. The currency (both local and Saudi Riyal) should be kept in ample amount to avoid any inconvenience.
  4. Also, the bills at home should be paid in advance.

End Note

To make the Umrah trip memorable, the key is that one can completely indulge in the act and enjoy the pleasures of getting connected to the creator of the worlds. It is essential for spiritual cleansing and refurbishment of mind. With Dawn Travels, you can have the most memorable and swift Umrah experience with all of its spirituality and sacredness.

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