Pakistani American Leadership Award – A Grand Prospect to Celebrate Entrepreneurship

Cosponsored by Dunya TV, ARY Digital and Subrang Television USA – Emirates Airline and Dawn Travels bring you the most prestigious and awaited award to celebrate entrepreneurship this year – the Pakistani American Leadership Award – along with the collaboration of HAB Bank, Family Educational Services Foundation and Dhoom (Afghan and Desi Cuisine).

A lot of things are going to be brand new this year. This prestigious award will embark the perseverance, steadfastness and leadership skills of the most honorable entrepreneurs out there, who have worked day and night – in all of their morning glory – striving for leadership and success! Well, Emirates Airline and Dawn Travels have come together to provide you a reason to go for a long vacation – Tourism Pakistan this – perhaps, one which was overdue for quite a lengthy period of time.

Emirates Airline is one of the most credible airline facilities in the world. Emirates Airline gives its competitors a chance to rethink their prodigies while it flies to over 150 destinations of the world. Emirates Airline brings you a veritable smorgasbord of different airline packages, and with the New Year curbing in, we know what you would like to do.

With discounts to avail over airline cheap flight tickets Pakistan, Emirates claims to be the best provider of all types of facilities. Ranging from flight packages to affordable hotel stays, Emirates vow to provide the winner with far more authentic deals, packages and all-expensive paid trips to their favorite vacation spots.

In order to present the most credible award to a worthy candidate this year, Emirates collaborated with one of the best native travel agencies in New York, Dawn Travels, to make this far more interesting. Dawn Travels has been operating for a long time with Emirates and other popular airlines as well. Dawn Travels brings you exquisite packages to perform Umrah and Hajj each year – making it quite easy for you to inquire by hooking you with a homing website that allows you to delve into packages with better discounts than any other in the market.

So, do you have what it takes to avail the Pakistani American Leadership Award? Join your hands together as we bring the tastiest caterers in New York – Dhoom, with its signature Afghan bread and basmati rice – to present this award to the most fortuitous leader within you. Remember, it is your hardship and perseverance that brought you here amidst constant struggles and setbacks. For the last take, it will be your utmost credibility that will allow you to stand out.

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