Namaz Guide for Women – How to Perform Salah

Women Namaz – In Qur’an, Allah SWT has clearly stated the purpose of Human creation, “I haven’t created Jinn and Humankind for any other reason except that they should worship Me.” -51:56

The above verse states the purpose of human being’s life. It is the 2nd pillar of Islam and one of the most significant obligatory acts.  Muslims Women pray prostrate Namaz five times a day in the form of daily prayers. Namaz builds up the foundation of faith. A person is prepared to go through the life of obedience and guidance to Allah SWT and assemble determination and courage. Salah releases worldly pressures and refurbish our commitments to Almighty Allah. It is obligatory on Muslim men and women likewise.

Here is the Namaz guide for women.

How to Perform Salah

  1. Body, clothes, and area of prayer must be clean from all kinds of impurities.
  2. Performing Wudu.
  3. Face the direction of Qiblah.
  4. Covering all body parts except for palm and face.
  5. Praying at the appropriate time.

Method of Performing 2 Rakah

Make intention.

Allahu Akbar

Raise hands with palm facing Qiblah to shoulders and say

Fold hands on the chest by putting a right palm on left’s palm back. It is called Qiyam.

Say the Sanaa:

Say the Sanaa

Say Ta’wuz:

Say Ta’wuz

Say Tasmiyah:

Say Tasmiyah

Recite Surah Fatihah:

Recite Surah Fatihah

Recite verses or any Surah from Quran for example:

Recite verses or any Surah from Quran for example

Say Allahu Akbar and go to Ruku. It is the posture where hands with finger together are placed at the knee and recite three times:

Say Allahu Akbar and go to Ruku.

Stand up. This position is called Qomah and recite Tasbeeh:

position is called Qomah and recite Tasbeeh

Then recite:

Then recite

Say Allahu Akbar and go into prostration known as Sajdah. Knees must touch the ground first, then hands. Hands must be placed in line with ears with fingers closed. Place head in between hands with forehead and nose touching the ground.

In sajdah or prostration recite three times:

13. In sajdah or prostration recite three times

Sit upright and while sitting say, Allah u Akbar.

Prostrate again and during going into sajdah say, Allah u Akbar. Recite three times

13. In sajdah or prostration recite three times

Stand up and while doing so say, Allah u Akbar. This step is same as number 3.

Repeat step number 6 to 15.

After Sajdah go to Jalsa saying Allahu Akbar. Women must sit on left buttock and place both feet on the right side. Hands must be on thighs and fingers must be joined.

Recite Tashahud:

Recite Tashahud

Now say blessings on beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH as:

Now say blessings on beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Then recite dua e Ibrahimi:

Then recite dua e Ibrahimi

The last step is Tasleem. Turn head to right and say

last step is Tasleem

Then turn to left and say again

last step is Tasleem

This completes your salat, after tasleem, recite 3 tasbeeh of Subhan Allah, AlhamduliLlah, Alla u Akbar, and supplicate to Allah.

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Labaik Allahuma Labaik.

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