4 Strong Spiritual Aspects of Umrah

Strong Spiritual Aspects of Umrah

The Umrah Aspects haul believers out of their surroundings and put them among new environment; it likewise gives them an alternate pace, set apart by both pacifying and frantic rituals. It allures Muslims to go on a voyage like no other, with the terminus the Kaabah- the focal point of the Muslim world, the earth and the universe. In venturing to this center, pilgrims groove into their inner selves. The world, Ummah, and self are joined in a mutual quest; the Umrah is a journey to the Heart of Islam.

Stepping towards The righteous Path

To make sincere intention for Umrah and desert the contrary intentions and practices

With a specific end goal to achieve the assent of Allah the Almighty and take advantage of the Divine blessings, we ought to sincerely intend to perform our pilgrimage. We must make a certain promise to Allah SWT that we will purify our souls and abandon our selfish yearnings.

Devoting Yourself to Allah

 While removing worldly clothing to put Ihram, one must also remove everything other than Allah SWT from heart

One of the manifestations of giving our promise to the Almighty Allah and making sincere intention for the fulfillment of pilgrimage only for the sake of Allah SWT is to dispose of a wide range of passions in our heart like covet for riches, fame, and rank. When we remove our garments to wear Ihram, we additionally need to take out such emotions from our heart and put on the cloth of piety. Because of the verse:

Getting spiritually and physically cleansed

Expressing the aftereffects of righteous deeds performed during Umrah Prophet Muhammad PBUH stated the purpose of this holy act of worship as follows:

Minor pilgrimage of Umrah which is encouraged to be combined with Hajj is an exceptionally significant act of worship. It purges the believers’ hearts and revives their faith in Allah SWT.

Tossing stones at the Devil and our inner selves

Stoning the devil begins primarily with stoning the Satan inside us. Stoning the devil is the recognition of how Hazrat Abraham, Hazrat Ismail, and Hazrat Hajrah drove him away because of his attempt to make them falter in their faith.

We must always question and ask ourselves how much we are stoning our hesitations, mistakes, and doubts; how many lessons we may get from the earnestness and nobility of Hazrat Ibrahim, Hazrat Ismail, and Hazrat Hajrah when they stoned the devil; and how much such states influence our spirituality.

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