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Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan, It also holds a sole place of the most well-planned and developed city across the country. The city is gorgeously green as it is resting over the Potohar Plateau and surrounded by green Margalla Hills, Daman e Koh and stunning Himalayan Mountains.

There are copious artistic attractions that can be discovered, I and around the city that includes, parks and galleries, historical monuments, mosques and shrines, multiple museums, and many more. Renowned tourist attractions include the landmark Shah Faisal Mosque, fascinating Shakar Parian Hills, Heritage Museum, National Monument, and are the major highlights of the city.

Best Flights to Islamabad

Besides splendid views of green mountainous horizons, nature-lovers can also enjoy recreational sports activities at Margalla Hills, Fatimah Jinnah Park, Chattar Park and many other places. Shoppers can attain their buying spirits at Jinnah Avenue, where multiple high-class malls and centers are situated including Centaurus and Jinnah Super.  To get acquainted with culture and history, you can visit the Pakistan museum of National History and Lok Virsa. There is also a model village of Syedpur that represents the village life of the country.

Cheap flights from USA to Islamabad– It is a fairly modern and well-planned city. It holds all sorts of accommodations that would suit every pocket. From five star hotels like Serena, Marriot and Radisson SAS to Ambassador, and Crown Plaza, that offers reasonable accommodation –and even some mid-priced hotels that provide clean and tidy accommodation with decent service.

Whether you are up for nature, enthusiasm, seeking some hiking spots, experience Paragliding, fulfill your bird-watching, gaming, or get some know-how to the “current Tourism Pakistan” –then Islamabad would be your destination place. It is just full of picturesque and peaceful spots, booming nightlife, and a hub of multiple activities in Capital city.

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