Hajj Visa Policy for Muslims USA

Hajj Visa Policy

From all over the world Hajj Visa Policy, Muslims flock to the nucleus, the center of Ummah Holy Kaabah every year during the month of Zilhijjah on the spiritual expedition called Hajj. It is an act of worship, means of expiation of sins and the fifth pillar of Islam. Hajj is a spiritual journey that purifies the soul and refurbishes mind. It is obligatory only on those who have the physical and financial capacity to perform.

The Hajj Visa registration policy has been revised and some new visa restrictions have been applied to the Muslims in the USA. We will review these policies to help the Muslims of USA to apply for and set off on the journey of a lifetime.

How to apply for a visa?

Choosing an authorized travel agent or agency is always a good option. It will organize visa as well as travel convenience and other services you require to perform Hajj.  The travel agent will send your Hajj visa application policy and other documents to the Saudi Arabia Consulate.

What is required for Hajj Visa?

  1. A travel permit at least six months that is acceptable for entering Saudi Arabia and other places is necessary. The candidate must also have international ID containing two empty pages side by side.
  2. Candidate’s colored photograph of passport size having a white background with a full face view must be attached to documents.
  3. Forms must be filled with black pen or can be printed. They need to have a stamp and signs of an authorized travel agency.
  4. Mahram ought to check complete documents of his companion or any relative who is traveling with him.
  5. Women must travel to their mahram except for ladies who are above 45 years who are obliged to go in a group. They require submitting an authorized permission letter from their mahram.
  6. Candidate must possess non-refundable round-trip ticket having affirmed reservations.
  7. A candidate who is above 15 years of age is required to submit ACYW135 and Meningitis Medical Report. From newborns, up to 15 years of applicants are obliged to submit Meningitis and Polio immunization report.
  8. Travelers must provide two ensured checks billed to the Unified Agents Office for trip administrations in Jeddah. Youngsters aged between fifteen to seven pay 50% of the total amount while children under the age of seven are free of these payables.
  9. If a candidate has reverted to Islam, he must exhibit an Islamic Authentication authorized by the registered Islamic Center.
  10. A candidate under the age of eighteen is not conceded Hajj Visa policy unless tied to his group.

Need more guidance for Hajj and Umrah Services Visa? Drop a message on the Dawn Travels Customer Support and our travel experts will guide you through for a smooth visa process.

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