What are most important Surahs in the Quran describe with benefits?

Holy Quran is the most powerful and blessed book of Allah SWT. It’s a gift to mankind and the Quran is revealed on our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW). This blessed book teaches principles of Islamic faith and is a code of life for Muslims. This book is guidance for Muslims who want to become righteous. It also guides non-believers who want to enter Islam. In surahs of Holy Quran, there is a clear warning for non-believers. Quran acknowledges the believers that they would be tried and their level of Imaan will be observed. Let’s have a look at important surahs of the Quran and their benefits.

Surah Fatiha

Surah Fatiha is an opening surah and is one of the greatest Surah of Holy Quran. It’s a blessed surah and it has a popular name which reflects its rewards and benefits. According to the Hadith of the Holy Prophet. This surah cures illness and is also known as Ayat e shift. It comprises of most essential and important teachings of Islam. Allah’s Prophet Muhammad SAW said in a Hadith that without recitation of Surah Fatiha, the prayer of the believer is invalid.

important surahs in the Quran

Surah Ikhlas

Surah Ikhlas is one of the blessed surahs of the Quran as it protects its reciter against every calamity. If you recite this surah, an angel will protect you and will ask Allah for your forgiveness. Whoever recites this surah 10 times before leaving home, he will stay in the protection of Allah. Recitation of Surah Ikhlas gives you the reward of reciting one-third of Holy Quran. This Surah includes the main ingredients of faith and gives the concept of oneness of Allah SWT.

Surah Kahf

Surah Kahf is the 18th surah of Holy Quran and it has great virtues. Among other Sunnahs of Friday recitation of Surah Kahf is also included. In Hadith, the reward of recitation of Surah Kahf is explained. Whoever recites this surah on Friday, his sins between the two Fridays will be forgiven. If you memorized the first 10 verses of this surah, you will stay protected from the Dajjal. If you want the forgiveness of your sins on the Day of Judgment, recite Surah Kahf and seek its benefits.

Holy Quran

Surah Rahman

This blessed surah comprises of 78 verses and its 55th surah of Holy Quran. This surah is known as the beauty of the Quran and it gives the solution of all problems and diseases. If you recite Surah Rahman, an angel will protect you and if you want to purify your heart recite this surah after Isha prayer. Recitation and listening of Surah Rahman cure many diseases.

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