Hajj and Umrah Services in Texas

A significant number of Muslims have their abode in Texas. According to a population report of 2012 Texas holds the largest Muslim population in the southern USA. Houston has estimated the population of around 60,000 Muslims in 2000. Some of the great Islamic centers and religious hubs are present in this city. More than 41 Mosques, the largest being Al-Noor Mosque is in Houston. Muslims express their love for religion by organizing Islamic conferences and workshops. Many charity events for the oppressed Muslims of the world arranged which shows Muslims love their brothers and sisters in Islam living in another part of the world. They feel for the needy and poor and want to help them in every way possible.

Hajj Umrah Services Texas

Dawn Travels value the Muslims of Texas and care for them with something great. Special Umrah and Hajj Packages Texas are at your bay with us. Our record with the Hajj Ministry is perfect. We advise making your booking arrangements in advance so that your time and cash spared and we focus on making your voyage most charming and comfortable. Perform Hajj and Umrah with the most trusted service providers. Honeymoon planners and couples are also encouraged to take advantage of this package.  Get countless blessings of Allah SWT with all the peace of mind.


A fantastic Hajj package is offered by Dawn Travels to repay their trust in-kind. We have sent more than thousands of pilgrims during the year of our operations. Proper counseling and training sessions arranged for your guidance and education. Our kind and experienced staff accompany the group of pilgrims during Hajj. They are aware of more than six languages just for your ease.  Satisfy your spirits with religious and historical landmarks in Makkah and Madinah. The best services and deals are incorporated based on customer feedback and valuable suggestions. Forget all logistical problems and focus on your prayers and ibadah with Dawn Travels.

Package Features

  • 4-5 star accommodation with the best quality food
  • Swift Shuttle Service
  • Pleasant Guide throughout your expedition
  • 24 hours online and phone service


Make your memorable Umrah trip with Dawn Travels. The soulful and religious trip is all planned without any glitch and hitch because having done your Umrah properly is our aim and objective.  The rates are affordable to fulfill the desires of all Muslim communities to gain spiritual satisfaction. We promise the best value for your money. Arrange a family Umrah trip with your loved ones in the cheapest rates possible.

  • 4-star accommodation
  • Online Reservation Service
  • Meet and Greet service
  • Comfortable conveyance

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