Hajj and Services in California

California is an abode of Muslims who love their religion and Islamic customs. Muslims are progressive here yet attached to the Islamic values and rituals. Many Islamic centers of Los Angeles are working for the upbringing of the Muslims community in the shade of religious traditions and patterns. Although there is peer pressure on Muslims internationally after 9/11 attacks yet Community centers of the Muslims of San Jose are educating peace and emphasizing on making them productive citizens. San Francisco holds one of the largest Muslim communities in the USA which is playing a vital role in the country’s development and seeking to build friendly ties with people of other religion.

Hajj Umrah Services California

Dawn Travels appreciates the role of Californian Muslims in the USA and has good news for them. A special Umrah and Hajj devised for our Muslims brothers and sisters of California. We know how you all love to visit the Sacred House of Allah SWT for spiritual purification. Indeed Hajj is the beautiful and soulful journey to Holy Kaabah. Umrah is one of the greatest Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. These sanctified expeditions to the nucleus center of Ummah perform with all the love, yearning, and gratefulness. International Link tours understand your sentiments and have come up with a customizable and premium Hajj and Umrah Tours.


Go to Umrah with your family and parents to earn closeness to Allah SWT. Make it a lavish journey with Dawn Travels so that you may be fully focused on the rituals of Umrah and Ibadah. Take advantage of the holiday season and have an amazing and memorable experience of life. We provide 24 hour service on the phone and the assistant to make it a hassle-free voyage.

Package Features

  • Complete Documentation
  • Friendly Staff
  • 4-star accommodation and food
  • Swift and air-conditioned shuttle service


Dawn Travels have an excellent record of sending visitors of Allah SWT to this sacred journey of life. Being one of the famous and glorious travel agency, we provide services purely for the sake of Allah SWT. We prepare you for this spiritual journey through classes and reading material. Accommodate in 4-5 star hotels close to Masjid Al Haraam and provide swift and comfortable transport service. We provide ziarat to the significant places of Makkah and Madinah with a professional guide.

Package Features

  • Online Ticket Reservation Service
  • 4-5 star Hotel Accommodation with Breakfast and Dinner services
  • Comfortable Transport Service
  • Umrah Ticket

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