Conditions of Marriage in Islam

Marriage is not cheery merry and simple as it sounds. It’s a big word and more than that a bigger responsibility. Conditions so, how do we define it?

It is the tied wedlock between two people and pronounced as “Nikkah” in Islam. Muslims attend hundreds of weddings every year. This is perhaps a very common tradition in our religion which contributes to social and familial results.

Islamic and Civil Perspective

These both concepts are not those poles apart. In fact, these are similar in nature. A marriage which is performed under the supervision of civil authorities is known as ‘Civil Wedding’. Islamic wedding is also performed under the supervision of custodians including parents, family, and relatives.

Conditions of Marriage

Conditions of Marriage

There are many yes gestures and prohibitions under concern if we talk about Islamic marriage. It has some minimum conditions set out to be groom and bride which are not to be ignored.

  • First, it to be free from all kinds of obstacles among many conditions of marriage in Islam,
  • Both sides should have enough legal capacity.
  • The bride and groom should not be under-age and attained level of maturity (puberty).
  • The blood and milk kin relationship is to be considered according to prohibitions in verses An-Nisa 23,24 and An-Noor 3,
  • No demands should be made from both sides to prevent Nikkah.
  • Though Nikkah is not a secret affair in any case so it should be performed in the presence of witnesses.
  • Both must be pure from the pre-marital relationship and none shall marry a guilt man or woman. (An-Noor/ the Light 24:3)

Valid Conditions in Islam

  • The Nikkah is considered valid under following Islamic conditions:
  • Consent of Agreement – No one can force either a bride or groom to marry against his/her will.
  • Offering and acceptance should be there from both parties.
  • Nikah must be announced clearly to everybody.
  • The legal share of bride ‘Haq Mehr’ should be given to her by her groom. Mehr is a payment of money made by the groom to his spouse at the time of marriage. It has a special importance in Islam. Allah referred to it as ‘Freedah’ in the Quran and it is paid happily as a gift.

Islam Encourages Marriage

We have been thinking about all our young age that “Is Marriage Mandatory”?  So, yes Islam highly encourages it but it all varies according to the person’s desire too. Serves multiple means between husband and wife. It should be performed at soonest if both sides are ready and should not be delayed.

Narrated by Anas that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said, “When a man marries, he has fulfilled half of his religion, so let him fear Allah regarding the remaining half.”

Hadith about Marriage

Prophet Muhammad defined it as obeying Allah’s command and His messenger. It’s the only legal way for both sexes to unite. The Prophet has also said, “Marriage is my tradition who so ever keeps away therefrom is not from amongst me”.