5 Tips to Pray Quality Salahs with a Busy Schedule

Praying five times a day is essential for us Muslims. However, these five salahs often get missed due to our busy schedules. And more than we like to admit – most of these prayers are done in a hurry.

Sheikh Abdul Hakim Mural once said, “A busy life makes prayer harder, but prayer makes a busy life easier”.

Most of us have been victims of missing salahs or praying late and in a hurry. But those who consistently pray five times a day will agree with me that the daily prayer helps them lead a better lifestyle, Alhamdulillah. Therefore, it is important that whatever little time we spend with Allah is done right and in a manner to please Allah.

To help you out, here are some tips that will surely help you improve the quality of salah, regardless of your busy schedule.

  1. Salahs – Keep away from distractions 

The best way to achieve quality salah is to choose a place and time away from distractions such as mobiles; children, TV, etc. crying children and ringing phones can destroy your peaceful time before it even starts.

  1. Focus on what you are reciting

Most of us recite the verses from Quran without ever making an effort to understand what they mean. Most of the surahs that are stated in the Quran and are recited during the salahs have interesting stories behind them. This will not only help you become closer to Allah but also increase your enjoyment for prayers.

  1. Plan your schedule around prayers

Just like you plan your schedule according to your daily tasks, try changing it according to the prayer timings. If you plan on going shopping, try going in the afternoon after the zuhr prayers and plan on retuning before the asar azan. If you are in a university during the salah timings, make sure you know the qibla so you can perform prayers accordingly.

  1. Combat the “Satan”

We all know who our enemy is. As soon as we spread the prayer mat or even make the niyat to go for ablution, the Satan whispers in our ears and does everything to disturb us, hence stopping us from praying on time. We as Muslims should understand the tactics by Satan and avoid falling into his traps.

  1. always remember the significance of prayer

Try to think that the salah you are praying is the one that Allah will question you about on the Day of Judgment. You can also consider the prayer as your last one. This will help you focus more on the prayer and allow you to perform it with extreme devotion.

With these tips, in mind – we hope that you can achieve a quality salah and make your connection with Allah stronger. The more quality time you devote to Allah, the more bountiful your lives will be.

Give it a try and let us know how you succeed!


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