Ways Islam Helps Marriage

Ways Islam Helps Marriage

Islam Helps Marriage In Islam helps marriage comes with lots of rewards and happiness, not in this life but also in here after. Many people claim that it is just because of Islam their marriage has survived in this challenging world. Islam helps in many ways during the marriage. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH is […]

Hajj Umrah Health Alert

Hajj and Umrah Health Alert

Hajj Umrah are one of the largest gatherings of the world. The congregation of Hajj takes place annually, while Umrah can be performed anytime throughout the year. Ramadan 2017 Umrah, it is the month in which most pilgrimage performs Umrah as compared to other months of the year. This massive crowd is associated with health […]

Umrah and Hajj Services in Texas

Hajj and Umrah Services in Texas

A significant number of Muslims have their abode in Texas. According to a population report of 2012 Texas holds the largest Muslim population in the southern USA. Houston has estimated the population of around 60,000 Muslims in 2000. Some of the great Islamic centers and religious hubs are present in this city. More than 41 […]

Umrah and Hajj Services in Illinois

Hajj and Umrah Services in Illinois

Muslims of Illinois have come a long way in their love of religion. Around 100 of mosques and Islamic centers are situated in this state. Illinois is the first state in the USA that gives a formal voice to Muslims in government. Hajj Umrah Services Illinois Muslims of Chicago city actively participate in the religious […]

Affordable Flights to Islamabad

Affordable Flights to Islamabad

Travel to Islamabad Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan, It also holds a sole place of the most well-planned and developed city across the country. The city is gorgeously green as it is resting over the Potohar Plateau and surrounded by green Margalla Hills, Daman e Koh and stunning Himalayan Mountains. There are copious […]

Umrah Services in California at Affordable Packages

Hajj and Services in California

California is an abode of Muslims who love their religion and Islamic customs. Muslims are progressive here yet attached to the Islamic values and rituals. Many Islamic centers of Los Angeles are working for the upbringing of the Muslims community in the shade of religious traditions and patterns. Although there is peer pressure on Muslims […]