What is the Significance of 27th Rajab?

The month of Rajab is considered to be an important and holy month in the Islamic calendar. The date of 27th Rajab holds great significance for all Muslims across the globe.

Laylat al- mab’ath or the night of the 27th of Rajab in Arabic scripture marks the start of the Holy Prophet PBUH journey as well as mission towards propagating the true meaning behind Islam. It was on this day that the Prophet PBUH conveyed ALLAH’s special message, right when the Angel Jibrail came towards him with the divine revelation.

To help you understand more about this holy event, we have enlisted some important points worth your glance. So let’s take a look.

The 27th of Rajab- Shab e Miraj

The Isra and the renowned event of Miraj play a significant role in the history of Islam. These known events take place on the 27th day of the Islamic calendar’s 7th month. They commemorate a significant landmark that comprised of the Holy Prophet being taken by ALLAH on a blissful journey that started at Makkah and went to Jerusalem (Masjid Aqsa) and then the heavens above.

The 27th of Rajab- Shab e Miraj

The main piece of this adventure has been termed as the Isra and consists of the travel in time from Makkah to the furthest mosque. Miraj is the name given to The Holy Prophet’s second part of the journey. Here is where he was shown glimpses of the heavens and the hellfire. The Holy Prophet also conversed with other prophets, whose names included Hazrat Isa and Hazrat Moosa in the heavens above.

In addition to all of this, the Holy Prophet PBUH was given special religious instructions by ALLAH, which he later shared and imparted upon all of his followers. It is believed that this journey or ascent confirmed the Holy Prophet’s status in heaven, which cannot be attained by any mortal man or woman.

What is ordained by ALLAH in terms of observance of 27th of Rajab?

For all Muslim believers, it is ordained by their Lord to consider and observe this holy day or blessed night as an event of great significance. Every Muslim believer should indulge in bath or ghusl and observe complete fasting so as to attain bounty and blessings from their Lord.

Out of the four days specified in Islam for fasting during the year, 27th of Rajab is considered to be one of them prescribed. This is because those who fast on this day are known to benefit from a reward that is equivalent to 70 years of fasting. On this day, believers must send salawat frequently upon the Holy Prophet PBUH as well as his household for unlimited blessings.

As part of customs and traditions in Islamic culture, most Muslims spend 27th of Rajab at the mosque, observing fasts, decorating their living spaces with candles and lights as well as special culinary delights. Reading the story and remembering the events of Isra and Miraj is also a very common norm.